Review! "Scavengers" – Star Trek: Discovery S3E06 – (Spoilers in the 2nd Part!)

My ideas on S3E06 of Star Trek: Discovery, “Scavengers”! Warning: Spoilers within the second half! Positively Trek Podcast: …

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22 thoughts on “Review! "Scavengers" – Star Trek: Discovery S3E06 – (Spoilers in the 2nd Part!)

  1. I really liked the dynamics between Burnham and Georgiou. The action scenes with Book’s ship were exciting. And I really enjoy the always slightly grumpy Admiral. But I am also a little bit annoyed by Burnham going rogue again. Was that really necessary? Where are they going with this? Another redemption story arc? And, yes, the kiss scene had way less chemistry than the scenes with them earlier in the season. I don’t know why. Maybe it was rushed somehow?

  2. It was mostly the Michael plot that was a bit annoying for me.She could have convinced Saru to let her go on the mission,by telling the admiral he didnt need her.He ended up telling him that anyway.That was the mail part of the episode that was mildly irritating imo.

  3. I enjoyed it. I get a bit frustrated that the whole world seems to revolve around Michael like she is the only one that can sort a problem but that said I like the character, more the writing making her the endless saviour bugs me a bit. I’m pleased Book is back. Want to know what is going on with Georgiou.

  4. O have the same feelings regarding this episode. Not bad, but not up to season 3 expectations. I'm over Michael's insubordination. Let her go and save the Federation. I'm glad Book is back. Georgiou's story continues to intrigue. No reason to give Discovery the "A".

  5. Hey great review as always! Have an idea about Georgiou’s flashbacks. Was thinking it’s related to the two universes being further apart now than in her ‘normal’ timeline. The fact they are so far apart is sorta ripping her tether to the universe and underlying Terran mindset behavior. The farther away the less Terran like she will act thus having to come to human grips of her past.

  6. It’s typical of most series that have many episodes per season, to have ho-hum, or mediocre stories midway through their season! But, for me, this episode was great…and I’ve been obsessed with Star Trek long before many of you were even born! I’ve learned to not dissect every episode, but to put more of an emphasis on the fact, that the journey is continuing STILL! 🖖🏼 =/=

  7. I think this might have a bit to do with possibly SMG's maternity leave. I believe she was pregnant at the time. If Burnham leaves temporarily I think that's why. One interesting thing to me is that after next week's episode that's it for all the scenes we have seen in trailers. We will have seen all of it and after that it's uncharted territory.

  8. Completely agree with you on all points. I said the same to my colleague on Friday when we compared notes on the episode.

  9. What is it with episode 6, I think you felt the same way with Lower Decks Terminal Provocations. I can imagine it must be hard for the episode to top after the last one. Episode 5 answered a lot of answers accomplished one of the seasons major goal, and it also showed how well Michael command the ship. That was awesome.

    Perhaps it deals with the concept of trust and if it being broken. When Michael went off to her own mission without Saru’s consent and putting the crew in jeopardy with the new Starfleet, it did put Saru in a tight spot. I know there are people saying Saru was being cold towards Michael, but I think it is justified. The stakes are high. Personally Michael needs to be untethered, and to continue with her growth in her humanity. After all she is a specialist of solving universe mysteries and problems

    I did like Ryn and the scenes with Georgiou and Michael were fun. The crew and Grudge moments where delightful. Now I have to read Die Standing to see about the character San.

    Great Review Dan, I look forward to your Disco Deep Dive video. I learn so much Star Trek from those.

    Thank you 🖖🏼

  10. To me, the most significant thing about this episode was the interaction of Vance, Burnham and Saru. The interactions with Saru were particularly interesting. Saru ic coming off as naïve, overeager and indiscreet – basically not an officer who's ready to be a captain. But Vance doesn't relieve him – instead he challenges him to improve his performance. Vance also sees Burnham is not very suited to command but does have a major contribution to make in the right role. Section 31?

    Who will be the new first officer? Nahn would have been the logical choice before episode 5. I think the only other officers with Commander rank are Reno and Stamets, neither of whom looks like a good idea. Saru is going to have to look outside of Discovery. Bringing an outsider into the family going to be uncomfortable for him.

  11. Hi Dan, I did like this episode it had action, character development and wonderful changes to the Discovery BUT now the short trek Calypso is not possible BECAUSE in the short it shows the top of the ship and the old registry. I think the Georgiou story could go into an interesting direction. I do think that Burnham get a message from her LOVE Book and then she just books on out to save him. I like so many wonder who will be second in command. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode, and we can hope that the next episode will bring back that loving feeling to you for this season.

  12. Between Philippa and Tilly, wtf is with the cat hate? Although I recall Reg loved Spot and noone else. So, Covich DEFINITELY TRIGGERED something in Philippa. That's the only way she'd be experiencing the flashbacks she is( plays nicely with the theme of reconciling trauma this season we've been getting). The scenes from Stamets were amazing. I can't wait to see where that goes. Poor Linus couldn't get the hang of that personal transporter. Given how quickly the Solvang was destroyed (and the heavy damage to the Cerritos) it makes sense that Starfleet would look at detaching the warp nacelles. I completely understand where Vance and Saru were coming from. As much as I love her character,  and no matter what the intentions were, that needed to happen. Once again a very prescient message in the episode. Idk if this season would be hitting the way it is if it aired when it was supposed to. I eagerly await next week

  13. Dan, I was disturbed by the interaction between Burnham and Saru and it also left a bad taste in my mouth. And I think it was due to the fact that this episode was written by a new author, Anne Cowell Saunders, who has not been involved in the franchise before. She had worked on Battlestar Galactica and several other SciFi projects, but never Star Trek. I think that is one of the reasons this episode felt so much more like generic sci-fi and Saru and Burnham seemed more like Season 1 characters in their interactions.
    It has already been established that Saru is the most empathetic character in this series. Burnham tells him that Book might die and he simply shrugs it off with a toss away line about how lots of people could die or something similar. Given his ability to see the validity of Burnham's proposal in Episode 5 and how they managed to take the best of each other to carry out a successful mission, it would seem to follow that in this situation, Saru's calm, by-the-book rationality would have been able to temper Burnham's impulsiveness to formulate a plan that could supply Starfleet with an acceptable mission and free Book as well — a plan that would be acceptable to Admiral Vance. The Admiral did tell Saru afterwards that he should have come to him with the plan. We have to remember, too, when Saru seemed ready to attack Captain Pike then later disobeyed a direct order, it was Burnham who ran interference for him. That relationship should have been built upon. If the goal of her disobeying orders was to remove her from the First Officer position, it could easily have been done another way.

    I think the franchise is doing a great disservice to the character of Burnham to continually set her up as being prone to disregarding the effects her actions have on others while still trying to present her as someone who deeply loves those same people.
    When I saw the previews for this episode, I felt an immediate sense of dread. The Discovery and especially the Burnham haters would have another field day. Sigh.
    Thank you for your insightful reviews. I do know it is much more profitable to find things to hate about this series and I sincerely thank you for keeping a positive approach. 🖖

  14. I’ve had the exact same sensation of watching actors on a set, how strange. This to me seemed like a filler episode although the scenes with Stamets and Adira and then Hugh were beautiful. But the whole set up was contrived. Burnham asked to take Discovery to the rescue and Book’s ship was right there. Why didn’t she ask to take his ship instead? Why run off without permission? Where are they going with this? Is Burnham always the mutineer? What could be the point of that?
    PS: Are you on TV Time (the app)?

  15. I liked it but it wasn't my favorite of the season. Mainly I thought they overdid Michael going rouge. It felt like too much of a step backwards to me. I just have a hard time imaging 1 year being on her own undoing the hard lessons she had previously learned. At least to that extent. I think her actions on the episode with Earth better fit what I might expect given her time away. I don't know it just felt like too much of a step backwards to me given her whole history. And especially because she would have known how it would have impacted people who trusted her and relied on her.

  16. Personally I feel that Michael has returned to her old ways..she never control her emotions..and again can't follow Starfleet protocol. I believe if there is a section 31 show..Michael will be by Georgios side.

  17. Did love the episode, not as much as the others but do feel it's better than average. About the uniforms, I can see the admiral wanting them to keep the old uniforms so the Disco staff could be easily identified, since I think they are still probably suspect in the eyes of many/most in the future.

  18. I hope they spend a bit more time on the consequences in the next episode. If they just brush it under the rug and Burnham goes back to regular, it'll feel like Suru is just a walk over.

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