Review! "Far From Home" – Star Trek: Discovery S3E02 – (Spoilers in the 2nd Part!)

My ideas on S3E02 of Star Trek: Discovery, “Far From Residence”! Warning: Spoilers within the second half! Positively Trek Podcast: …

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18 thoughts on “Review! "Far From Home" – Star Trek: Discovery S3E02 – (Spoilers in the 2nd Part!)

  1. Much better episode than the 3rd season premier. Saru is awesome. However Tilly is now officially my personal worst main character in Star Trek. Unfortunately other than Detmer, Stamets & Saru I really don't care much about the characters as they mostly seem to be there to prop up their "queen" Burnham. And I am glad to see that in the future an alien race will adopt the Western Saloon for whiskey and other alcoholic drinks and dress like futuristic cowboys.

  2. I enjoyed it.

    I'm worried for Detmer. Can't believe Saru sent her to sick-bay unescorted. It was clear she wasn't all there. I'm even more puzzled that Pollard just waved a magic wand and sent her on her way. I hope this is a medical issue, not a leftover Control issue.

    I thought the crash was well done. It should be a case study for seat restraints.

    Georgiou… I like the thorn in the side role she is going to play here, but let's clean up her line please? Everything doesn't need to require the twirl of a mustache. I had no problems with her taking care of business in the bar(?). She's handled much worse on a regular basis before. So, no Section 31 series? I did find it a little weird that Saru assigned her to repair something… since when does she ever fix anything?

    Tilly… just love her. I liked that Saru chose her to go with him on the quest for Rubidium(?). Her exchange with Saru during their walk was genuine and definitely in character for both. I think we may have seen some character growth for Tilly here. I think she was forced to grow up a little.

    Saru… Another great performance by Doug Jones. He is obviously strong in Star Fleet and Federation ethics/values. I do think he should take a different approach to how he uses Georgiou. He is in heavy react mode. He should be more forceful in getting her involved in the decision process from the start. Like it or not, she can see the big picture and tactical environment better than he can right now. I like how he stood up to her in the bar. I'm not sure I was expecting that from him.

    Jett… Love her humor. Why didn't she get a pain shot in sick-bay? I equate her humor to the EMH's from Voyager. I hope they don't overuse her just as comic relief; they did that on occasion with the EMH. Too much of a good thing ruins the good thing. Please give her a position. Chief Engineer? Her snarky disrespectful comments to the Ensign HAZMAT cleaning up Leland's remnants weren't funny and unneeded. Did we really need to see this clean-up? Can't you just set a phasor to a low setting and disintegrate it?

    Stamets/Culber… A little tired of the only time we see Culber it's a lovie-dovie scene with Stamets. Is he the Chief Medical Officer or not? If cell-regeneration was so critical for Paul, he should have knocked him out so he could get the treatment. Strapped him in? Stamets of course had to save the day… but a monkey could have crawled in that Jefferies tube and completed that lego repair.

    Everyone else… the best part of this episode (Like STB) was how everyone got involved. Credit should be given to Saru for this (and the writers). Hopefully, they continue this as we move on. I really want to learn more about all of them.

    The bad guys… Zaher was played quite well I thought. I also like how he deduced information with regard to Discovery. I'm guessing he killed Kal(?) because he aided time-travelers? … or just because? … someone always has to die in Discovery you know. I don't think we will be seeing him again.

    Programmable matter/personal transporters… pretty nifty. I'm sure more cool technology will reveal itself as we progress through the season.

    The only part of the episode that I really didn't care for was that Michael had to save the day. Just when I thought the writers were going to make her more human, in she sweeps saving Discovery.

    Discovery's visuals are again off the charts good. I think this was all shot in Iceland.

    I honestly thought Michael was going to have longer than one year to wait for Discovery. I like how the downtrodden in this time period long for the goodness of Star Fleet/Federation.

    I'm going to go less than last week here.  7 out of 10.

  3. This was the first star trek discovery episode that actually felt like a star trek episode. The fact that they destroyed the federation is terrible. The show is such a let down. The crew did a great job in this episode.

  4. This was a neat episode. I do love the interaction with Saru and Tilly, it is so sweet. We got to see more of Jett Reno, and Linus. Georgiou is very slowly growing on me, I do wonder what she will do next, and I hope the writers don’t make her too predictable. Missed you at yesterday’s unready room, but you and the crew still did a great job😀

  5. Interesting thing about Coridan is that it was a mining site for dilithium. Their admission to the Federation caused some conflict because they were heavily involved with the Orions at the time. But anyhow, I'm wondering if their planet exploded in the Burn.

  6. Hi Dan, It was a good episode, liked the whole bar setting and the bad guy was very good Georgiou was great for the skills she brings to the crew, and the growing of Saru was enjoyable, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode, I do not want to hear anymore of control.

  7. Unlike the verbal jousting that happens between Summer and Jett. It remind me if the interplay between Spock and Scottie — Theoretical knowledge vs Practical Experience. But they somehow find a way to solve a life-threatening problem together.

    Episode 2 has an very old west, barfight feel to it. Cmdr. Gorgio was definitely channeling her Qui Chang Caine/Mad Max in her fight scene.

    Soo….the band is back together after a long separation. What is the first thing you do after a long your of duty …. You go home and see what has changed and what is still the same. But for the Discovery crew, this whole galaxy is in shambles. Where do they go to start in finding answers? Starfleet HQ on Earth.

  8. Jake Weber was about as scary and intimidating as a glazed doughnut, not sure why he was cast in this role.
    In this episode they mentioned the Federation as well as the Vedreyesh, I don't think they're the same. I find watching Discovery increasingly stressful on the eyes, the camera is almost never still, there is always high contrast, very often they put bright lights behind character's faces. It was really bad in S2 because they had a lot of blinking lights and about 16,000 lens flares in each shot, it was like it was filmed inside a giant Christmas tree 😉 Personally I don't think it's necessary, the story holds up just fine on its own, you don't need all the bells and whistles, it would be so nice if we could just focus on the actors performances rather than having to struggle to see them. Soz for the rant, great review 😊🙋

  9. I wonder if Georgiou will end up restarting Section 31 as a parallel story to restarting the Federation. It would be a way to explore the argument that the Federation needs a group that can do the dark side of state building that Star Fleet can't because of their ideals. That debate has been an ongoing thread through a lot of the Star Trek shows. It would be interesting to see it show up again now that the Federation needs to be rebuilt.

  10. So….Georgiou has a pain fetish. Also Saru seems to have been paying attention to Pike(par for the course since his name up in Saru's research in season 1). I'm surprised how TENSE this episode was. Everything from that opening scene (I was pretty sure that Detmer had a concussion till my rewatch), to the uneasy feeling in the saloon, to Georgiou creeping us TF out when she looked at Linus. To the new courier. To the badass fighting with Saru and Georgiou vs the courier's gang. MVP kudos to Michelle Yeoh, Mary Wiseman and Doug Jones for all of their interplay with each other here. Holy hell do I love the sparring between Jet and Stamets(also Hugh going full husband mode on Paul).

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