Bob Rueland (David Duchovny) loses his spouse (Joely Richardson) in a automobile accident. A 12 months later, nonetheless grieving, he meets Grace Briggs (Minnie Driver), a shy …

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44 thoughts on “Return to Me

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  2. This has always been one of my favorite movies. Carroll O'Connor is just one of the best. Miss him much. The story is so emotional and heart wrenching. SO GLAD TO WATCH THIS AGAIN !! TY YouTube! 💙

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  4. Look at that building in the process of being built. It takes men to build everything. Women can't build anything.

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  6. in the bowling alley @1:14:22…KUDO'S……
    to jim Belushi's backward handstand & landing on his feet … it's a difficult move & it looks like him .. not a body double doing a stunt ..

  7. just a fair to middling movie but it's got more heart & soul than ALL the crap Hollywood's put out in the last 10 yrs ….

  8. Love this movie. I can watch it everyday. Is a pick me up movie. Greatest all star cast. Great acting, entertaining, great storyline. This is,a keeper..

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  10. I love how Minnie Driver's character, Grace, is portrayed wearing a skirt most of the movie. It says a lot about your character – about those people who respect themselves enough to dress with dignity and decency. You just don't find that anywhere in the world anymore. If YOU don't respect yourself, then how can you expect OTHERS to respect you?

  11. Love this movie, love David especially, always have since his earlier movies and The X Files. Minnie Driver was a great character and portrayed it well in this movie I think. Love the fact it wasn't full of sex and craziness. This movie made me cry though. So glad they ended up together, both had such good hearts. Loved Joely Richardson as well. She's another great actress. Loved her in 101 Dalmatians too. Everything she does is so good. And just a great cast all around. Carroll O'Conner, Grier, Hunt, Belushi and the rest. Such a wonderfully heartfelt movie. Thank You. Needed this especially tonight.

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