Republican Senators rally to reject Trump impeachment trial

Democrats face an uphill battle of their efforts to convict former President Donald Trump of “incitement of riot” as 45 out of 50 Senate Republicans voted …

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23 thoughts on “Republican Senators rally to reject Trump impeachment trial

  1. What Trump did was in no way incitement to riot. If it is, none of us can use metaphor anymore. He told them to peacefully protest, but not be as nice. That's incitement? It was planned weeks before that and the intelligence community is aware of it. It's another Democrat kangaroo court.

  2. Where’s the video of the cops funeral that died at the capital? You’d think the Democrats would’ve had quite the funeral for such a fallen hero defending the capital.

  3. If there was a real inserection by Trump. Democrats wouldn't be here being annoying. The guard is still defending these idiots under his order.

  4. Instead of congress trying to impeach trump why don't they help american people with stimulus checks were all struggling and going without homes and food wasting your time on stuff instead of putting american people first

  5. This is a big nothing burger…. can we please .ove on to what's more important….???

    Biden said he can't stop the evictions and when the relief bill runs out millions will dumped on the streets.

  6. Quavering under explicit threats from Donald Trump that he will start a neo-fascist third party (grossly named “The Patriot Party”), Senate Republicans, led by Kentucky blowhard Rand Paul, have signaled that there is no way they would ever vote to convict Trump for inciting the deadly insurrection that killed five people on Jan. 6, and sent hordes of stinking Trump supporters to smear feces all over the House and Senate chambers while trying to hunt down members of those legislative bodies.

  7. Trump will not be convicted in the Senate due to his Republican bootlicking sycophants but will be convicted in state and/or federal courts within 3 years. I am giddy in anticipation

  8. Anyone ever wonder how that cop at the D.C protests died? He died at the hospital yet no one is releasing the cause of death or autopsy. I mean hundreds of cameras and thousands of witnesses were there and no one has been charged. Anyone else find that strange? You'd think his funeral would be a huge media event with members of Congress attending but I have yet to even see a single photo of the funeral or a family member speak out in the news. Weird.

  9. Every republican who deny justice to be had are in denial of their lawful duty and oath of office. Each and every one of them should be forced out of office !!! Those who go on record to deny justice must be voted out at every election of our future. We will otherwise never end such political corruption. The law that applies to impeachment, trump was president when he committed his crimes, "whatever the law was at the date and time of the commission of the crime or crimes" which must be applied. Thus, impeachment is indeed constitutional and of proper jurisdiction. Republicans need to learn the law and constitution.

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