Report Says Mystery Drones Hovered Over Navy Destroyers Off California Coast | NBC News NOW

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37 thoughts on “Report Says Mystery Drones Hovered Over Navy Destroyers Off California Coast | NBC News NOW

  1. They're real. My Uncle was a Captain with American Airlines for many years and I heard as a kid of an encounter he had over NY state. A long, silver, cylindrical/cigar – shaped craft came up along side of their jet and followed every move they made with very close proximity to their plane. The Air Force launched a couple of fighter jets; as soon as they came close, this object darted away at almost instantaneous velocity. When the jet landed in NYC, all of the cameras that passengers had (prior to smart phones) taken photos of were confiscated by the military. My Uncle and his crew were debriefed that the incident "never occured". They're definitely for real.

  2. They left this planet years ago and are coming back to set thing righteous regardless of any of the weapons: eloquence speeches won't work, might makes right won't work, and neither will the nukes or Space Force. Bend the knee and submit or not, either way will yield the same result🤲🏽🖤❤💚🖤

  3. What's more likely? Aliens 👽 are interested in military boats or China 🇨🇳 stole/hacked the world's aerospace secrets and has now surpassed us in technology.

  4. Not ET's. The drones are man made and man operated. Spying if you will.
    Keep your paranoid delusions in your pants.

  5. You do understand that actual drone tech allows this to happen.
    These are not aliens.
    Just a..holes with money and time.

  6. The atomic bombs that were dropped in the Second World War has affected the galaxy and they will shut them nuclear warheads down before they are used if they have to, why the governments are in total denial of it all is the mystery not the spacecrafts

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