Rep. Liz Cheney: Trump’s Reaction To Capitol Rioters ‘Completely Inadequate’ | NBC News

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., reacted to the protesters who stormed the Capitol constructing saying, it does not matter what facet of the difficulty you stand on “we do not …

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49 thoughts on “Rep. Liz Cheney: Trump’s Reaction To Capitol Rioters ‘Completely Inadequate’ | NBC News

  1. I'd like to see those Red Hats try that nonsense in Westoros. Tywin Lannister would have sorted them out by lunchtime. Nothing calms down a crowd like a few heads on spikes.

  2. If the Americans do not hold Trump responsible, that is a clear sign that there is no justice at all in that country. He must go to jail. Four people died!

  3. Its funny how the media wants to condemn this which they should but they won't condemn blm and Antifa burning and looting cities

  4. Still better than burning and looting stores which are actually a benefit to the community. Wish I could say that about the US Congress.

  5. Hitler: arrogant, narcissist, led people to hate the Jews by claiming they had stole the country's money, without proof, Holocaust

    Donald Trump, arrogant, narcissist, led people to hate democracy by claiming the election was stolen, without proof….???

  6. Trump shld be ashamed of himself. Chaos n death instigated from d highest level who's power greed in d expense of divided people.

  7. Inadequate? Inadequate? Such mild talk for someone who incited violence based on mountains of lies. Trump wanted a blood bath. Get him out of the White House NOW!!!!! These were domestic terrorists. Trump & everyone who backed him in any way, voted for Trump, lied with Trump, spread conspiracy theories with Trump, engaged in hate speech with Trump, & everything else to encourage Trump to become the monster he is, is 100% complicit in what happened yesterday. Trump is a danger & cannot be believed when he says he will commit to a peaceful transfer of power. He already trashed that along with the American people & our democracy.

  8. USA, this is now written in your history. Your country will hereon be blacklisted with this history. Congratulation to Trump and his enablers for choosing this path.

  9. We America people are mad for Democrat trying to steal our election. U push a human being into a corner we will fight back. We know Joe Biden or kamala Harris is not our president. I don't believe in the lie of the media or Democrat

  10. Hey Liz
    Wyoming the state you represent is walking on pin and needles
    The election math does not add up
    Do your job represent or go home

  11. I'm sure he is Happy about his Crowd size Now…And with two more weeks left I can Only Imagine What Is Next on his To Do Lists…..For America……

  12. It's s funny how you people think it's about party , it was about balance of power , but now it looks more of dictatorship , have one party control everything, we are in serious danger to real democracy made a civil war is not to far , especially if they try to take guns aways , then I believe their is going to be war within our country ,

  13. Objectors not for the people…they are doing these for their own greedy hearts!!!!!!

    These horrible leaders encouraged these riots not only they are horrible human beings, but they are laughing while wine & dining their cohorts. I am embarrassed & ashamed on behalf of the American…..we voted these people….with greedy hearts.

  14. A lot of people at the stop the steal rally, claim that antifa infiltrated Trump supporters; to plant explosives to harm Republicans, and gain access to the Senate under disguise of peaceful protesters.

  15. Don't despair! 2021 Starts on 1/20/2021 when Joe Biden becomes a rational stable President. The Republican party are already starting to pay, and will continue to pay for years to come. If Georgia provides us with two new Democratic Senators, then there is a path versus using a machete and hacking our way through a McConnel controlled Senate. The holidays are over so much less reason to travel or congregate and Spring will soon be here and we will be able to get outdoors. The Biden lead federal government and science will coordinate with the states and the vaccine will rapidly deploy. It's not going to be instant, but it will kick into gear and it will get better. Hang in there!

  16. Be careful what you say folks!!! Media especially you all!!! Media created chaos for years and I'm sick of them!!! This was a fraudulent election and elections will now and forever be questionable!!! I will never trust the system again!!!

  17. This is exactly what Trump wanted! He stood up there and talked crap for a couple of hours inciting the violence and then at the end, at the end of that treasonous rant he says… OK go home now? BS… Trump wanted the chaos he worked it up he’s been working it up he’s to blame he needs to go, get him out of the White House now!

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