Remote Island Life & Ukulele With The Locals

———————————————————————————————- #BoatLife #IslandLife #Uke WHO ARE WE? We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been dwelling …

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41 thoughts on “Remote Island Life & Ukulele With The Locals

  1. Want something different to do, go dive the wreck of the clan Mc William in the main harbor . It's a pretty airy wreck to dive due to the copra but a cool dive. Love ya videos

  2. Let’s see. It is -16F this morning, and the snow can be blown off with a kenaf blower. Family and friends in Texas are scrambling, and more is forecast. Think I will sit down and watch it rain in Tonga, and then enjoy the simplicity of ukulele .

  3. Hey guys. Estep's News is reporting 6 & 7 magnitude earthquakes in the Tonga Region. Have you guys felt anything? Watch those tsunami buoys online if you can!

  4. I wish I could send you some real Vermont cheddar and syrup! So what if we want to donate to the ukulele fund? You need to post a funding link.

  5. Love the video. I have looked on your website, but can't find any info on your bikes. Would love it if you could add it to your gear page or post some info about them

  6. Tasty Cheese, fresh of the boat from Australia!, the Australian for cheddar cause I think Cheddar is now copyrighted or something..

  7. Always enjoy your videos, thanks. Moreover, when you give to a community, uplifting their conditions, now that’s motivating to me and I’m sure many others. May I suggest you setup a PayPal account so viewers who wish to donate directly to the library can do so. This way you empower them to learn how to manage and allocate where funds are needed supporting the complete library infrastructure since in a short time they may need an arts and craft hall?

  8. Playing your own rendition of another artists song is never copyright infringement because it is your rendition. As far as Bob Marley goes, he would love the YouTube money because it is going to help children learn music. If you kept it to buy more tasty cheese than he might object. Their are two languages that are universally understood. Food and music. Keep up the practice. Maybe we will get the Gone with the Wynns theme song some day.

  9. Do you know how to make cheese, like a Mozzarella. I can’t imagine that these islands don’t have raw milks from locals. Mozzarellas r so easy and fast to make. You could have cheese all the time 🙂 maaayybe not yummy cheddars 🙂 but cheese 🙂

  10. lets throw in a some guitars, a drum set, maracas and some bongos and create a local band. I love how the Wynns keep coming across and sharing some cool stories on their travels. great work guys

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