Remembering Dawn Wells – Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island"

Listed here are my reminiscences of Daybreak Wells who handed away at the moment as a consequence of problems from Covid-19. Wells will perpetually be generally known as nation woman, Mary Ann …

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49 thoughts on “Remembering Dawn Wells – Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island"

  1. Everytime i taste or even see a banana cream pie or a coconut cream pie I always think of her. The pies like her had really good taste. Thank you Dawn Wells.

  2. For me it was never a debate. Mary Ann over Ginger in a landslide. She was sweet, warm, genuine and real. From what I hear she was the same in real life. Never too busy for the fans. RIP Dawn Wells

  3. My favorite scene. When Skipper and Professor came to the castle in up at Bat and they referred to the ugly old lady in the magnifying glass! That scene STILL has me on the floor laughing because and ugly old lady she was NOT! She was actually still quite lovely!

  4. I was watching Gilligan's Island in syndication years before I heard of the Ginger vs Mary Ann debate. I came to my own conclusion that Mary Ann was the one to fall in love with. In any scene, she was an eye magnet. Those short shorts should be in the Smithsonian. Dawn Wells never really did escape from Gilligan's Island, but she accepted that with pride, and poked fun at the situation.

  5. She had them daisy dukes before daisy duke had them r.i.p Dawn it's ashamed I saw her in a me tv commercial the other day.

  6. Dawn Wells was Howdy Wells daughter Howdy Wells owned Wells Cargo in Las Vegas Nevada I work for them back in the 90s and I went to a Christmas party and Dawn Wells came and she was just as adorable in person as she was on screen

  7. Loved watching Gilligan's Isle after school. Always liked Mary Ann as a kid & even more when I started liking girls. Never realized till I got older that the show was in repeats & syndication when I was first watching it. Just didn't DAWN on me cause I so young :-P.

  8. Definitely my first crush! Love Gilligan’s Island, still watch it when I see it on MeTV. Mary Ann was always the answer to the age old question, Ginger or Mary Ann. Followed her on Facebook and always read her posts when they popped up. Sad to see her go, RIP Mary Ann (Dawn Wells).😥

  9. No one sees it but me. Small time actress who thought she was Elizabeth Taylor. The woman was high maintenance because she always dressed to impress so no guy could afford her. She was never good with money and a guy had to start a gofundme to pay for her hospital bills. People say she was the girl next door but she was the girl you could never settle down with and start a family. Some guys and gals are never marriage material.

  10. I still can't believe she is gone. I watched it as a kid and still watch it. It is so sad, but she lived a full life. RIP Dawn. I love the episode that she thinks she is Ginger. There are so many good ones it is hard to pick.

  11. Such a sad day and a loss for a truly wonderful woman. A few days ago I was watching the 1970's movie The Town that Dreaded Sundown. She was in it as one of the victims which survived. It was weird seeing her not playing as Mary Ann but was great seeing her in a movie though. She will be missed for sure by everyone who has grown up watching Gilligan's Island.

  12. I meet Dawn in 2017, took a picture with her, and got her autograph. She even shared a piece of cheese with me that day. She was very sweet, just like Mary Ann.

  13. She stated in a Interview that she and her mother were born on same date! and she was arguing with her mother about little tombstone she did with both of them on it and was kind of funny because, she said none will look at it due to be the only child and she never had children. RIP I will go and Look at it.


  15. What a shame, been watching her on Gillligans Island for the past few days. She was a beauty, and a great actress! I think she got prettier with age!

  16. You are not going to like this but I saw her and Russel Johnson (the professor) them on the Howard Stern show a LLLLOOOONNNG time ago…. And Yes Howard was being a jerk..hahahah RIP

  17. Very sad news, she was at a convention back in 2019 and I just missed out on meeting her because by the time I was able to buy a ticket to meet her and get an autograph she had gone for the day.

  18. Breaks my heart. She was so Beautiful and I had a secret crush on Her.
    R.I.P. Beautiful – inside and out – Dawn Wells.

  19. I liked Dawn Wells or Mary Ann because I could relate to her more than Ginger. She was all about herself, her looks and fame. Where Mary Ann was more down to earth and, whole some. Girls could look up to her as an example more.

    It's amazing that a show that only ran for 3 seasons has lasted as long as it has. I don't know if it's on tv but, we're still talking about it in 2020. I don't know to many other shows like that.

  20. Aw, Man

    I didn't realize that Dawn Wells passed away

    Now that makes Tina Louise as the sole surviving cast-member of "Gilligan's Island"

  21. Dame coronia u killed Maryanne. She was my favorite actress. I adore her cute smile and she brights me up. She was the best. I miss her. R.I.P my friend ur always be Maryanne.

  22. Coincidentally I have been watching the complete series, and I am finishing up now with season 3. We love her…..and we always will. Of all the characters that always treated Gilligan harshly, it was Dawn's character Mary Ann that almost always treated Gilligan respectfully and with 100% kindness, and that is why Mary Ann is the most beloved character. I have a feeling Dawn Wells is just like her character in real life too. I never had the chance to meet her, and just the other day I started considering buying an 8×10 with her autograph on it. Now's not a good time to buy the autograph because of high prices……wait a little while and the prices will come back down a bit

  23. I thought the show was great, and it's way better than today's junk as far as i'm comcerned. RIP Dawn, you will always be missed.

  24. She shared a post on her Face book page back on 12-24 and shared a Christmas video greeting. Her manager said that when she posted it she was already suffering but didn't want to focus on that. She will be missed! Here's the text she wrote on her last FB post:

    "I had fun with friends from a safe distance being goofy and recording a Christmas greeting. Keep your heart light and share a few laughs and conversation with someone near and far. Be well. Be safe. Have a Merry Christmas!"

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