Record Covid deaths and cases with NHS under extreme pressure – BBC News

The UK has recorded the best variety of coronavirus deaths in a single day because the begin of the pandemic — 1325 extra individuals have misplaced their lives.

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29 thoughts on “Record Covid deaths and cases with NHS under extreme pressure – BBC News

  1. "2020 saw most excess deaths since World War Two"

    Can't you jokers issue anything but the worst news or the most miserable comparisons? Don't you think this may have a seriously bad effect on the priceless people caring for our sick and dying.

    The faster you lose the charter the better. What a shower of shit.

  2. Here is the truth about the PCR test:
    It's clear PCR should not be used for mass testing as it is not a diagnostic tool! It cannot diagnose a true infection from an old fragment that lies dormant in a healthy non infectious person's body!! Dr Sam Bailey here explains this thoroughly 👍

  3. The greed of people has caused this. You are all greedy. No exceptions. Keep destroying the planet and see what's next…

  4. every African American a million! An empire was built on them. Each Indian has 2 million dollars, this is their land

  5. Propaganda and lies
    All of it
    You can't develop a vaccine inside 12 months, God only knows what's in that vaccine but I won't be having it thank you very much

  6. I wonder what this pandemic looks like with a correctly funded NHS. Direct correlation between saving money and not saving the lives of the actual power in the country… we the people!

  7. Come on mate ffs, I've spent just over 2k£ on empire market over the last 2 years, Like I give a flying fuck about the governments rules Lmfao.

  8. Right / Wrong Realize yourself , சரி/ பிழை நீயே சிந்தித்து உணர்!
    Do you think human made machines & measurements , Vaccines , drugs tablets may save human lives?

    you are livable human being,
    your body temperature must be up down ,
    your blood pressure levels also up down ,
    your blood sugar levels also up down
    livable human being is not a machine !

    your blood pressure, sugar, temperature levels are every moments change as your thought because you are livable human being!

    if you check your blood pressure, sugar, temperature also god given that day and time comes to you then you must be die any medicine system can not save you please realize yourself !
    Don't be fear everything realize yourself!

    What you need until your end of the life time?
    There are Air, Water, Food!
    All are God given in nature for free what you find for your life? There is nothing to take anything if you are died!
    Please realize yourself

    Do you think If human give the name that for an example "Tree" then after "Trees" are growing up?
    Same as the virus now! Just give a name make fear for so many reason 1st is make human as slaves please Realize yourself!

    Make People as slaves by Controlling all land these Governments are not for the people 1St realize this! If you have land then they never make you as slave please realize yourself!
    do you think so many countries so many government? Now you can understand who are the rulers? They like to control everyone then they play the game but the final humanity must be win !
    please realize yourself!

    World is for everyone not for someone to rules and control please realize yourself!

    Human knowledge is experienced in past but next moment what will happen god only knows that please realize yourself!

    who decide these levels must be ??? they are very big business Mafia to slave you they control with your fears!

    Please realize yourself what we need until we die! God gives you Air, Water, food free in nature but why you never understand life find unwanted things work as slaves?

    இயந்திரங்களால் மனித உயிரை எக்காலத்திலும் காக்க முடியாது உங்களுக்காக இறைவன் வகுத்த நேரத்தில் நீங்கள் இறந்தே ஆகனும் …….

    உயிர் உள்ள உடலின் வெப்பநிலை , உடலின் இரத்த அளுத்தம், இரத்தத்தின் சக்கரை அளவு என்பவை ஒவ்வொரு நொடியும் மாறுபட்டுக்கொண்டே இருக்கும் உங்கள் சிந்தனைக்கு ஏற்றால்போல் இவற்றை அளவிடுவதால் எந்தவொரு பயனும்
    இல்லை, மனிதன் ஜடம் அல்ல சிந்தித்து உணர்வீர் !

    மனித வாழ்வின் இறுதிவரையான தேவை தான் என்ன???
    அவை காற்றும், நீரும், உணவும் மட்டுமே!
    இவை அனைத்தும் இயற்கையில் இறைவன் இலவசமாக கொடுத்துள்ளான் இருந்தும் நாம் தேடுவது என்ன??
    வேறு எதுவும் அல்ல அவை எதுவும் நாம் இறக்கும்போது எடுத்துச்செல்லவும் முடியாது!
    தயவுசெய்து சிந்தித்து உணருங்கள்!

    ஒரு புரிதலுக்காக……
    நீங்கள் நினைக்கின்றீர்களா மனிதர்கள் "மரம்"
    என்று பெயர் வைத்த பின்னர் தான் "மரங்கள்" வளர்ந்தது என்று??
    சிந்தனை உடையோர் தெளிவடைவார் அதே தான் தற்பொழுது மனிதர்களை அடிமைப்படுத்தி நினைக்கும் சிலரால் சில தேவைகளுக்காக பெயர் கொடுத்துப் பயம் உட்டப்படும் வைரஸுக்கும்!
    சிந்தித்து உணர்ந்து தெளிவீர் வீண் பயம் வேண்டாம்!

    மக்ககளை சுகந்திரமாக வாழமுடியாமல் நிலங்களை தமது கட்டுக்குள் வைத்து மனிதர்களை அடிமைப்படுத்தும் அரசாங்கங்கள் மக்களுக்கு ஆனவை அல்ல இதை முதலில் சிந்தித்து உணர்ந்து தெளிவாகுங்கள்!
    பல நாடுகள் பல அரசுகள் என்று நினைக்கின்றீர்களா??? தற்போது எல்லா நாடுகளும் ஒரே சொல்லில் இயங்குகின்றதே எப்படி ? இப்பொழுது உங்களால் உணரமுடியும் யார் அதிகார ஆளும் வர்க்கம் என்று!
    அவர்களின் இந்த வைரஸ் விளையாட்டு அவர்களுக்கே வினையாகிப்போகும் மனிதம் மீளும்!

    நாம் வாழும் இந்த உலகம் அனைத்து மக்களுக்கும் ஆனது இதில் சிலர் சட்டம் போட்டு பிற மனிதர்களை அடிமைத்தனம் செய்வது சரியல்ல, இங்கு யாரும் யாருக்கும் அடிமைகள் அல்ல சிந்தித்து உணர்வீர்!

    மனித அறிவு என்பதே இறந்த காலத்தில் பார்த்து கேட்டு அறிந்து வைத்திருப்பது மட்டுமே!
    அடுத்த சனம் என்னாகும் இறைவன் ஒருவன் மட்டுமே அறிவான் மனித அறிவின் எந்தவொரு தொழில்நுட்பமும் அடுத்த நொடி என்னாகும் என்பதை எக்காலத்திலும் அறியாது!

    இந்த அளவீடுகள் இப்படித்தான் இருக்கவேண்டும் என்பதை முடிவு செய்வது யார் ?? உங்களை அடிமைப்படுத்த நினைக்கும் உலக வியாபார மாஃபியாக்கள்!

    சிந்தித்து உணருங்கள் இறைவன் நமக்காகக் கொடுத்த வாழ்வு மிகவும் லேசானது மனித வாழ்வின் தேவை உணரும்போது நமது அறியாமை அகன்று சிந்தை தெளிவாகும்!

    எல்லாப் புகழும் அகிலங்களின் இறைவன் ஒருவனுக்கே!
    All praise is due to the only One God of the Universe!

  9. The covid19 pandemic that isn't a pandemic, Agenda 2030 and the fake man made climate change agendas are all designed to achieve the same thing; they are drivers being used by demonic entities through their human agents to usher in the Great Reset and the Global Governance Technocratic control grid.

    The population of Earth is largely oblivious to this unfolding deception and has become infected by a mind virus that has put it in to a collective trance and state of hypnosis and fear due to the bombardment of lies from a complicit media machine that is attacking them 24/7.

    This mind virus is very real, is unrelenting and is being used to induce fear, submission and compliance.

    The perpetrators, these demonic entities want total control and dominance of the Earth but it needs our consent to act against us.

    It needs us to agree to its malice and treachery. It requires us to become complicit in it.

    Although evil, the perpetrators of this agenda are nonetheless subject to divine ordinance and therefore needs our consent to act against us. It cannot go against our holy will, freewill, the power of our determination, the choice and practice of good or evil, so it needs our signature on each order of mischief that it issues and it harvests consent using the trick of constructive notice; it posts its intentions on the noticeboards of newspapers, the media, the movie industry, TV, Internet, Educational institutes, everywhere. It uses predictive programming, a reaping of emotional submission – our silence is our consent. People's inaction sanctions evil to act.

    To turn things around we must say No, activate our refusal in heart, mind, body, speak it, write it, illustrate it, teach it, propagate it. Warranted in spirit is this. Sometimes we say no with splintering truth and sometimes by way of elegant revelation. Truth dissolves untruth.

    The treacherous cannot withstand the daylight.

    Take strength from the following words as they were so beautifully given to us by the Apostle Paul…. "for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind".

    The pursuit of the truth of a thing and shining a light on truth, no matter how inconvenient is essential. We cannot renage on this responsibility. We are all accountable 😊

  10. Bullock's? Prayer for your rescue from a fate worse than death Jesus is the Author of Life and sustains us by His grace- each day you have the benefit of the doubt! He is my peace, and my worth comes from Him? Wether your religious or your conscience doesn't trouble you! He had the initiative in our Judeo-christian based Western Democracies! How to pray? Look at how He prayed! Hitler knew the bigger the lie! Jesus shall not take away your free will, that's the agenda of socialism(Communism) and follow the Mammon!

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  12. My evening diet is,
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  13. Warmer weather, will only then, stop more deaths, and people masked up all time, social distancing outside, will slow Corona down. Nothing else !!

  14. And in 2 lockdowns last 10 months. And more deaths and infections, both times in lockdowns. Obviously goverment lock downs, are simply not the answer to covid. So Boris, stop blaming the public, look at your selves, and your scientists !!

  15. The NHS has claimed to be 'overwhelmed' so many times in the last decade and we never once shut down the country and made it illegal to leave the house

  16. This year good year god prayings world famous doctors only god people's happy very minutes god prayings good help mind powers nature foods nature hycini inside nature out side nature this year promise thanks sir your good chennal every minutes honey happy new year crossess thanks your chennal your chennal honey people's Sumathi sundar

  17. I also think, the goverment, need to stop blaming the public, for increases in hospital admissions, when 8 police men, get caught on camera, sat in macdonalds, eating no social distancing or masks. Which is clearly breaking covid rules. They should be sacked. Also lockdowns, are filling hospitals up even quicker. And clearly is nor working at all…

  18. It becomes obvious as months go by, we are all seeing, lockdowns are creating more deaths more infections. We have to look at other options, to cut deaths and infections down. Locking already approx 3 million, already infected, is causing millions mental issues, running there immune systems down to nothing, and killing 1000s more.

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