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41 thoughts on “Rating Your Published Islands on Roblox Islands (DAY 3)

  1. fun fact pradoxa's island used to be obby for smelter but he just kicked people who won and then he only removes it when dv is reviewing islands

  2. lol my island is the second last boisss we did it! btw DV the buffalkor portal room whas up there too but i used the portal to see how big it is for the diamond mines portal room cause the buffalkor portal room whas above the diamond mines portal room like in the game it has a cave on buffalkor so i made a cave inside the buffalkor portal room.the diamond mines portal room is like the cave were the kor spawns AND I JUST MAD IT IN INTO THE VIDEO 22:19 (btw dv i van make those portal rooms for you 🙂 ) [cause you liked em so much thx btw]

  3. hey Dv just asking why is my other stuff is gone like my smelter did it reset or something becauce im so angry if u see this chat can u reply please i just wanna know what happened to my stuff

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