Rating Your Published Islands on Roblox Islands (DAY 2)

Day 2 of reviewing and ranking your printed islands on Roblox Islands! Publish with DV someplace within the title and I will go to it when I’m on and recording, subsequent …

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36 thoughts on “Rating Your Published Islands on Roblox Islands (DAY 2)

  1. To kill kor fast use tidal and a melee weapon Once you're close to him use the title and just switch back and forth and quick

  2. Dv, you shouldn’t deduct points for making a shop hard to find on islands that aren’t really shopping islands. This series is rating islands not rating shops.

  3. Dv you need to know there is so many people faking to be you and scamming so many pe by it I was just in a game with 1 and he scammed 3 people that are fans of you GUYS IF YOU EVER GET INTO A GAME WITH SOMEONE WHO IS SUPPOSEDLY DV DONT GIBE THEM ITEMS WITHOUT MAKING SURE FIRST

  4. Quick Question i Said so many Things but How much should i price Pink hibiscous and Light green Flowers i have not seen Any video for that But i have seen most of your Bulids im working on fixing my prices but i need ecomny Level 60 i only have Level 40 so Yeah

  5. Dv Can you please make it episode I might have not seen one like this but can you tell us how to get the enchanted diamonds please

  6. Also Dv's Logo up there is super cool i need to know how to make it i have a bad one on top of my portal so i need to fix that

  7. dv i does found out the mobs in the game are called childs i found the console for the game but i did nothing with it there is a gui

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