Rating Super Malls in Roblox Islands – Recognize Any?

Visiting and ranking a few of the largest malls in Roblox Islands by way of the revealed and in style servers tab. See in the event you acknowledge any! SUBSCRIBE TO DV P2W …

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41 thoughts on “Rating Super Malls in Roblox Islands – Recognize Any?

  1. They should make a industrial coal generator we’re it has a conveyer with a coal generator with and u will be able to put conveyers behind it and put coal totems and it could be automatic I say that’s a good thing the devs should add

  2. Just got my account hacked so im quitting roblox for ever no use in playing a game I spent thousands of dollars on

  3. Thank you so much DV for visiting my island!! I will work on the things you said and I hope you come visit my island again after it's upgraded! Thank you thank you Thank you a million times!!! Twitch: Lif3stopp3r YT_Lif3Stopp3r

  4. 👑 MarcosX’s Huge Published Shop 👑
    🔴 Live and Twitch and YT
    🌵 Selling Cactus Seeds for 1m
    👉 Join Code: R2URN

  5. 😢😭
    i got scammed in islands..
    his user is bestsumutt and he said he would make me a smelter set up and i was so focused on turning off build right when i see a pickaxe but he still took 2 of my smelters and i already lost a glided steel hammer and a smelter that took weeks for me to get

    the smelters bestsummutt took was the smelters my friend gave me and my other smelter i made myself and i got every material for it on my own

  6. I KNEW IT LOLLLL I was on arcade empire then u started a global vip and I was asking round ur dis if anyone else knew abt it lol !!! Ima go sun to it straight away

  7. it is kinda unfair u promote the shop will become popular and ruin other people's island. You advertize frank island which is suk in my opinion now he is always at the top of lists
    Duper breaks the economy you break the island popular list. You should once look at every shop before you say frank is the most convenient.

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