PvZ 2 Discovery – All Plants Nut & Defence – Which Plant Is Best?

PvZ 2 Discovery – All Vegetation Nut & Defence – Which Plant Is Finest? Subscribe #GZ #pvz2 #plantsvszombies2 ******Play Checklist Gameplay****** …

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32 thoughts on “PvZ 2 Discovery – All Plants Nut & Defence – Which Plant Is Best?

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  2. I believe in term of defence (the defence here mean how much does it need to destroy the plant from heavy blow) gum-nut would win as the 1st place because his perk (the stronger the zombie create stronger gum) the 2nd potition primal wall-nut take it as you may know primal wall nut can take 3 hit from gargantuar and crushing zombie type such as barel-imp zombie (pirate seas) piano zombie (wild west) and all-star zombie (modern day) and the rest of them (wall-nut,infi-nut,murkamadia-nut,endurian,explode-o-nut,pea-nut,tall-nut) would just destroyed in one hit by gargantuar (except they using plant food effect, so they can survive the 1 hit gargantuar but die in 2 hit)

    In term of health of course gum-nut still win
    But tall-nut take's the 2nd place due to his massive hp pool and by level him up can increase his hp more

    Hope this information helpvs you guys a lot, i may be not an expert but… I play pvz2 for experiment and please correct me if im wrong about any infromation above

    Massive thanks…
    ~~Love PVZ2

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