Putin critic Alexei Navalny receives jail sentence

A Russian court docket has sentenced Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny to greater than 2.5 years in jail. The UK authorities has known as for his fast launch.

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42 thoughts on “Putin critic Alexei Navalny receives jail sentence

  1. One the Russians sent him to a German hospital to get better, so he didn't have to go back.
    Two he was working in conjunction with MI6 and was meddling in foreign elections.
    Report properly SKY.
    Why is Assange locked up with no charge?

  2. What a WEAK azz president that has to jail his opponent he sucks so bad as a leader ge cant take competition. Who wants to be RULED over by an evil Dictator who kills or jails candadates. Putin is a Mobster & so is Trump. Maybe they are sweethearts kissy kissy

  3. Oh, look who is talking…. People that were fooled by their governments to illegally invade Iraq and bomb Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Libya ….. Your Presidents and Prime Ministers were never hold accountable for their lies and war crimes!
    How about releasing ASSANGE first before pocking your dirty noses in other country's affairs…….

  4. I bet Putin will have him killed in jail, it won’t be this month or soon but they will have him getting into it with someone in jail over the next few months or year and then he will be killed by that person and then it’ll look like it was all because of tensions between 2 inmates.

  5. this man wants to destroy russia for the elite to profit….the same power brokers against trump..putin made russia strong.respect the man putin and life is good….gaddafi and saddam was killed by the same people..now they want putin ….no chance.


  7. Поддержка Навального на 70% это дети до 18 лет. Для большинства это просто развлечение. Использовать в своих политических играх детей – это преступление, так считает подавляющее большинство россиян. К тому же все его фильмы созданы на основе лжи и передергиванию фактов. На Западе об этом не рассказывают, потому что Навальный – это их ставленник, им нужна слабая Россия, а для этого нужно создавать хаос в стране. Поэтому основная масса людей в России считает, что Навальный должен сидеть в тюрьме.

  8. I left a comment under the RU video about Putin's palace today. In a few hours when I was online chatting I heard some men's voices online. They intercepred me. Then on my mobile I found that they had switched off the Russian language at Whatsapp so that I wouldn't be able to leave comments in Russian. They hack everything easily. I don't live in Russia thankfully.

  9. Latest: The Kremlin have just announced that the new Sputnichok vaccine will be rolled out with immediate effect, to counteract the sudden rise in the variant WWF virus, which has been spreading rapidly throughout Russia.
    The so called “We Want Freedom” virus was first identified in Moscow, two weeks ago, and has now spread throughout the country.
    A Kremlin spokesman, Ivor Nockabollockoff, stated: “This is an insidious virus which originated in the West, probably the UK. We are totally committed to eliminating it. We aim to vaccinate around 600,000 infected Russians over the next two weeks”.
    Mr Nockabollockoff is 53.

  10. This is a grave injustice, Navalny may be the only hope for Russia to become a real Democracy and the only threat to Putin. I hope that the West will help ensure that he will not die in prison.

  11. State owned propaganda media informed of him being jailed for 2.8 years before verdict was announced. How did they know that? That bunker rat first tried killing him and now jailed him for surviving the attempt.

  12. Why is Nalvany on the news. Saudi arabia beheads people almost weekly. Yet Russia is the enemy? This is propoganda. We should stop sanctions and cooperate. Nalvany is supported opposition by western powers. Perhaps because Russia refuses to become a debt ridden vassal state of the imf.

  13. Love him or hate him, Putin along with India are the only ones keeping China in check right now, (don't believe all the garbage on the BBC/CNN etc) if Russia falls, China will do a land grab of all those resource riches in east Russia, and then we're all f**ked, Chirst like we can rely on Biden to keep China in check LMAO!

  14. This Second Coming band has written a song. music video celebrating the Russian spirit of independence and freedom. Is called Free Yourself

  15. Vladimir Putin is the only real judge, jury, executioner from time to time on every Russian people. How dangerous he is for Russia but not for the west.

  16. The system always tries to correct people instead of correcting itself. The system keeps making the mistake of thinking it is not the problem. It is the only problem. People are perfect. The system is the disease, the cancer that destroys.

  17. navalny is not an oposition or anything that could be named as opposition. he is blogger. also he was sentenced not because he is a opposition to Putin or russian regime. he was sentenced for fraud committed against french company with his brother. 300 million rubles was stolen in fraudulent ways from french company that sued him… navalny also is a traitor ir russia and an agent of usa, he was funded by them, he was directed by them an so on. he laundered billions that were sent to him to evertrow regime. as russian i hope that he will get life sentence for what he did to our country

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