Protesters March In Tacoma, Washington, After Police Vehicle Injures Two People | NBC News NOW

An indignant crowd marched by way of Tacoma, Washington, on Sunday night time after two folks had been hospitalized the night time earlier than when a police automobile drove into …

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27 thoughts on “Protesters March In Tacoma, Washington, After Police Vehicle Injures Two People | NBC News NOW

  1. While I do not condone property damage or violence, the protests are an indictment of deep-seated frustration with the Tacoma Police Department's long history of dereliction and aggressiveness toward law abiding citizens. NBC PLEASE INVESTIGATE. Some, but not all, of the Tacoma PD often refuse to take citizen crime reports and response to crime-in-progress calls are sometimes 2-3 hours. Not minutes, HOURS. This would account for WHY Tacoma's homicide rate is up with a corresponding low solve rate. In addition, if reports are not taken, how does that affect crime rate metrics, and do those metrics have a connection to federal and/or state funding or grants to the city, as well as attracting corporate real estate and new business development?

    That cop had options: Why didn't he use his bullhorn or turn on his siren to clear the crowd? He chose to run down citizens that he took an oath to protect and serve. He should be charged with attempted murder (knowing that using a 4,000 lb. vehicle as a weapon risked killing someone),vehicular assault, convicted and sent to prison.
    The protesters who broke windows and set fire to the flag should be arrested and charged accordingly.

  2. Before you try to compare this to the capital riots,

    just remember MAGAtards stormed the capital, under the influence of a lie, with the intention of taking capital lawmakers as their hostages

    While BLM protest are to demonstrate the lack of accountability our judicial systems employs towards questionable and downright heinous police behavior

  3. Logic : surround a police car with over a 100 people banging on their windows .
    Them : he didn’t have to hit them
    Me: what would you want him to do then
    Them: no response.

  4. Hmm smashing windows, burning stuff property damage yea very peaceful. And you wonder why no one listens to you snowflakes. Also burning the flag? Don’t like the country I think Europe is taking people in

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