Protesters Enter Capitol Building In Unprecedented Security Breach | NBC News

Protesters enter the Capitol constructing and stroll in direction of the Home chamber in an unprecedented safety breach. Members of the general public haven’t been allowed …

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29 thoughts on “Protesters Enter Capitol Building In Unprecedented Security Breach | NBC News

  1. They needed the velvet ropes around the whole building ..that's the only thing they respect lol. Club bouncers are better security than capital police.

  2. I dont care either way but i dont understand they call them criminals but the whole George Floyd thing with everyone looting burning buildings down shootings it was a protest????????

  3. Rioting? Mob? They are politely walking between the velvet rope. Don't look like BLM, no tagging or burning the place down.

  4. Trump help the republicans lose the presidency, the Senate, and the House. Well, I'll be damned! He did make America great again!!!!!

  5. The attack on the capital wasn't done by true Conservatives. That's like getting an abortion and then calling yourself a Christian. The Left and Right agree the attack on the Capital was a terrorist attack. BLM and Antifa are also terrorist organizations that have been burning down cities, looting, and killing all 2020 without being condemned by the Left. The Right has always and will always condemn political violence. The Right stands for freedom of speech, we would rather talk things out and go the legal route. The Left likes to silence any voice but theirs. We should condemn political violence on both sides to truly have a peaceful Nation.

  6. Subpoena and prosecute all members of the Trump administration who have not yet resigned for insurrection and insurrection advice. Infected zombies in the white house with deep Russia produced deep crying butthurt and insurrection and going to prison.

  7. Hopefully, next time it will be an actual insurrection and the patriots will be armed, arrest Pelosi, Schumer, and most of the others and try them for treason!

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  9. The word "journalists" is not appropriate for CNN, MSNBC, Anderson Cooper, Stephen Colbert, Cuomo, et al. A more accurate name for them is "propagandists".

    These professional liars are in the class of Hitler's Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels! This begs the question: Why are many main stream talking heads doing this? Perhaps because, the American worker hating multi-national corporations who buy advertising on these stations want to keep using Chinese near slave wages laborers and factories where they can pollute, cheat, skimp on materials, etc. Trump was bringing companies back to the USA to have Made In USA products made by American workers at a decent living wage. The corrupt corporations, the politicians who have been "lobbied" (bribed), most of the main stream press, and amoral investors who have stocks in off shored companies who use Chinese and other 3rd World near slave labor do not want their income stream to go down! Having manufacturing in the USA and using American labor would raise the cost on some products, but we Americans have to decide whether or not we want to have a job, our children, neighbors, friends, relatives to have jobs and have products we can be proud of that don't break in a week. Or, do we want cheap crap from China that breaks immediately, is not that inexpensive anymore, and puts everyone we know worrying about job security, paying the rent and bills, putting the kids thru school, etc.?

    Communist China is the perfect dumping ground for industrial toxic waste. Take a look at pollution: Hotan, China is #2 most polluted. Yuhan has the 3rd most polluted air. The Yellow River in China is the 3rd most polluted. Politicians and fake news have some yelping about Global Warming, don't drive your car, don't use the heater, don't use the AC in the summer, go green….bla bla bla. Meanwhile, factories in 3rd World countries are pumping toxic waste into the air, water and soil. The amoral and corrupt corporations like the no oversight, no EPA, no Health Dept., No OSHA, basically, no standards of China and others. It's simply avarice.

  10. "Anarchist, Agitators or Protestors who vandalize or damage our Federal Buildings in any of our Cities or States, will be prosecuted under our recently re-enacted Statues & Monuments Act. MINIMUM TEN YEARS IN PRISON. Don't do it@DHSgov" These were TRUMPS words 7/27/20

  11. In many of my previous YouTube videos, I also mentioned that; Trump would not hesitate to gather and stimulate his armed and dangerous base to maintain power! While many of Trump’s supporters doubted my visions and gave me a real hard time, I was right all along! 11/20/2019 “A brainless herd is not only an easy target for Dictators but a dangerous rogue force seeking changes for the sake of changes!” Dr. Turi Read more share pls

  12. Ahahahah that first camera footage xD No, seriously Look how rude they are just.. walking in as if they are in a museum taking pictures and walking in an orderly line, how atrocious! Truly the work of thugs and insurrectionists. Ohhh the humanity!

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