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19 thoughts on “Promo Star Trek: Discovery – "The Red Angel" S2E10

  1. Ok i just have to comment on you haters On behalf of all of us true Trekky's You can go to hell if you think this show is not good we don't give a shit this is OUR STAR TREK not yours 🙂 dam it i haven't cried in a long time and that ending of the last Episode worked o.o that AI woman was cool

  2. I used to love discovery, despite the haters, but not only did that last episode suck balls but I'm so sick of them forcing Burnham down our throats every episode. Tilly ruins every scene she's in, stamets no longer has a role anymore, if it wasn't for saru and pike I would've dumped this show by now, I hate to say it but it's just 1 step forward 2 steps back with discovery. And now the end of sentient life in the galaxy is all about Burnham? Piss Off

  3. So Burnham maybe the Red Angel this is what this Trailer is Implying, they somehow create this Red Vortex then but Burnham in a Suit then shoot her in the Red Vortex, at least that's what it looks like.

  4. This is not episode 10's preview. This is just a season glimpse of whats to come in season 2 and just because it shows something like this after the credits, doesn't mean it's a preview either because it would say so!

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