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13 thoughts on “Promo – Star Trek: Discovery: "Project Daedalus" (S2E9)

  1. This Episode Project Daedalus is going be great, I wonder what happened to the Tellerite and it looks like Airiam is serving Burnham her ass in this Coming Episode.

  2. Damn yeah, Cornwell is back! But still no L'Rell – never expected to love her as much as I do, but now I wish the plot would have been that they hide on Kronos, what would obviously be impossible because our new favorite Warrior Queen would imdediatly claim their spore drive. But damn, otherwise it would have been such a cool plot

  3. Same as all star trek show thing get interesting after 2 season some even 4th season
    From this ep man its going to get even better.

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