President Trump Permanently Banned From Twitter | NBC Nightly News

On Friday, Twitter banned President Trump from the platform “because of the danger of additional incitement of violence.” Since Twitter is a personal firm, specialists say this …

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38 thoughts on “President Trump Permanently Banned From Twitter | NBC Nightly News

  1. (America is being sold out, and we are still being spoon fed "orange man bad" ??? It is beyond hilarious how the Looney Left exposes their HYPOCRISY every 3 seconds!!??? Constitutional rights are going out the door, and no one wants to call out the Looney train that is clearly off the rails??? To live including in the womb, to pray and worship when and where we please, to work and sustain our lives, to own property, to keep and bear arms, to educate our children, to assemble together, to speak without fear of being CENSORED, to go where we choose and do as we wish, etc…

    What do we get from the Looney train??? Well "the Constitution of the United States is in the way, we can't accomplish anything" ??? These are the same monkeys that want you to believe Trump is the biggest threat to the Constitution??? They are a bunch of fraudulent tricksters!!!)'''🧐

  2. I’m so happy that Donald Trump tried to make new accounts and they got banned too…

    I mean when the IP is the White House…xD

  3. Hello, Humans.
    "No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."-Robin Williams


  4. Hey Twump could communicate like every other president has. The whole thing of communication by Twitter has been just one of the ridiculous things about the Twump administration!

  5. Maybe we should just all agree to get rid of social media and cable news. This 24/7 assault of bad news and BS has driven us all insane 😂

  6. Lmao, and now Amazon banning Parler from their web services. 😂 poor uneducated trailer park trash not gunna be able to cope much

  7. They only "did the right thing" when they knew for a certainty he wasn't going to be president anymore. They didn't have the guts to do it before. Not a Trump supporter, just pointing out that Twitter is acting like heroes when they didn't bother to stand up when it mattered.

  8. Nope, not right wing extremists, just people with morals who don’t want the country to turn into the next socialist playground……

  9. Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society

  10. If you have an iPhone, turn off auto updates, I hear they are turning off emergency alerts with an update to silence him

  11. For Immediate Release: “Trump’s Vanity Tantrums”

    “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”

    -Obi-wan Kenobi

    Here are fifty two stories written in the form of satires, spoofs and scathing commentaries along with 18 illustrations created by Joe Young of Joe Young Studios/Maurice Starr Entertainment. Mary Trump now has company.

    Hartford, Connecticut, July 16, 2020

    Has there ever been a more self-absorbed and narcissistic American president? From one twitter-storm to the next snit-storm, has an American leader ever exhibited such a faulty grasp of reality?

    And yet a third of the electorate loves him. If he said “jump off the cliff” they would. And they have!

    No it’s not “Wag the Dog” or “1984” or “Bulworth”. If only …!!! Those are all fiction. This is the real spectacle of democracy in free fall that we watch nightly on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX.

    From Hartford wit, song writer and activist Bill Katz comes a fresh take on this hilarious but critical moment in the decline of American politics.

    No platitudes, no solutions. Just a mordantly honest collage of controversial observations about Donald and the cabal of crooks surrounding him.

    And get this …. the congressional and presidential mayhem described is often in their own words. Political satire rarely gets more razor sharp than this.

    Book Bio: Bill Katz began writing satires for his high school newspaper. Nixon provided Bill with material not unlike Trump has today. After attending local colleges, Katz purchased a one way ticket to Europe and backpacked around the continent for a few years, finally making Florence, Italy his temporary home. He returned with a new found interest in art and eventually became a dealer of African American art. Cat rescue is a constant interest. He is a singer/songwriter and he writes what has been described as “Songs of Conscience.” If you search in YouTube, “Bill Katz, Hartford, Connecticut,” you can listen to a few including “Blue Daze” and “Corona Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.”

    “I used my Trump stimulus check to help fund this project.” Update: I will soon use my 2nd Trump stimulus check to help with the debt load associated with this project to help dissuade ReTrumplicans from considering their continued support for the traitor in the White House

  12. The United States fought so hard against Communism and now the CEOs of social media apply Communist practices to the President of the United States of America So ironic

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