President Trump in legal, financial jeopardy after leaving office

ABC Information’ Devin Dwyer studies on the numerous authorized and monetary vulnerabilities President Donald Trump faces after his time period ends, and whether or not he can pardon …

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39 thoughts on “President Trump in legal, financial jeopardy after leaving office

  1. Pick apart Trump to find a crime because you hate him. Literally on camera Biden forces a country to fire an investigator that was investigating his son or they wouldn't get money. Son of a b*** they fired the guy.

  2. Eydie Eileen, this time HE WON'T, His shield has a major cracked. He will not be the 46th President. Rather he serve time in jail or not I don't care but I am glad that he won't be in the White House and neither will his racism minions.
    Glad to see him go and surely not soon enough!

  3. President Joe Biden will not get involved but vice president Kamala Harris definitely will.
    And was a prosecutor prior getting elected for vice president of the United states of America.
    Traitorous trump's goose is cooked.

  4. This is the worst treatment of a human being I have ever seen. Why do you not ask Al Sharpton why hes not in prison? He owes millions in back taxes!

  5. TOTAL B.S. IF they were up to withhold the Laws equally and fairly; they would go after criminals like: H. CLINTON (ERASED E-MAILS AND BENGAZI FIASCO) AND BIDEN'S SON HUNTER (LAPTOP OF SHAME)NOT TO MENTION BIDEN AND OBAMA espionage into Trump's 2016 campaign for which Nixon was punished!(Watergate scandal) 🤔👎

  6. After inauguration he is just a normal citizen subject to all laws without any special treatment. If he broke laws he needs to be held accountable

  7. I wonder if tRUMP is now regretting his terrible treatment of NYS (and, thus, NYS citizens, esp during the onset of the pandemic) now that he will likely have to face its legal system. His behaviors seem to lack foresight. To say the least, it would appear he is not a very intelligent individual.

  8. That Egene Carroll or whatever her name is charging trump with rape? 🤢🤢🤢 That is a no brainer scam for money. No man has dared to touch that.

  9. If the Media is against the reporting of unsubstantiated claims of Election Fraud, then why report unsubstantiated allegations of criminal conduct against Trump? Media bias in, journalistic integrity out!

  10. screw all of you on here Trump is the best president ever I don't give a crap what you say you're all going to burn in hell for worshiping Satan

  11. Very soon it will be over for or against. Will you guys be tired of persecuting president Trump with your medium.. you guys say nothing good about the man. The US democratic media reminds us of a very bitter nagging wife.

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