President Biden speaks at State Department

President Joe Biden delivered his inaugural overseas coverage speech as president throughout a go to to the State Division. The speech adopted remarks to employees on the …

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47 thoughts on “President Biden speaks at State Department

  1. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y.1, Gen Y.2, Gen Z, Millennial, Zillennials,
    C-19rs, when this video is watched after COVID they will still be
    wearing a mental mask, and the video and your comments would be
    completely irrelevant. the important thing to do throughout history and
    from this point forward is, "Do what Jesus tells us to do and we will be

  2. ❌Boycott Communist China and everything they make and sell. Communist China interns people in camps because of their religious beliefs not to mention they sent the world 🌎 Chinese coronavirus and lied 🤥 about it. Joe Biden is compromised and in bed with Communist China so is his family follow the money$$.

  3. Pretty obvious this guy hasn't had much of a life. What a loser. Why isn't President Trump in office after the fraudulent election and the way I look at it there's no president but there is a dictator and his name is Joe Biden. Citizens should step up and show what we do to dictators in the United States for you know what we've done to him in the past in other countries

  4. agree with Biden new policy against China that let millions of Hong Kong people immigrate to the US and to enjoy all government benefits. Hopefully Secretary Blinken will release the details of "Safe Haven" policy soon.

  5. Biden i voted for you to stop supporting the president of Egypt Abdul fattah elsisi. so if you gonna continuous support this dictator i will be against you

  6. So Joe Biden want to destroy and desmantle, ours new branch of the military , space force Wich is there to protect ours space of any chinese attack, while China just got a super satellite antenna to dominate the space , I am a democrat from Florida and I believe that Joe biden is a traitor to the unite state comunists Chinese party all ready can get into our electric ⚡ systems Joe Biden is making America more bulnerable to a attack from china, in January 4 he introduce a proyect to literally destroy the secund ametment, hr127 is design to destroy ours constitutional right to keep ours arm.

  7. The Cadaver is really looking good today. This stolen election results is really bearing fruit…did this idiot introduce Biden and the president ???….ooops , here comes another van of Biden ballots…

  8. Platitudes, Pandering, and Plagiarism. All of congress collude together against Americans. Two party system is really a one party system owned by so called elites. The oligarchs are going to do whatever it takes to keep themselves in power to control or destroy us if necessary. Pitting Americans against each other by politics, race baiting, and culture canceling keeps them in power. Decades in Congress created this obscene display as sycophant Americans blindly stand by.

  9. Our county is under attack from the corona virus and he’s worried about fixing problems overseas in the Middle East .. He is going C-nile… WtH he doesn’t even remember which way to exit the room

  10. COMMUNIST Democrats will NEVER SOLVE AMERICA’S PROBLEMS because these RACE MANIPULATING LOONS see everything through the prism of SKIN COLOR and “climate change”… the climate has been “changing” FOREVER

  11. guys there is unilleegaail meexian living in Los Angelelsn aaaaand cerritos and Riiverside they need to be deportedd alot of job are lost its the mexiccan fault they need to be deported

  12. For a man who “won” the most votes than any Presidential candidate in history, videos of him sure do get more dislikes than likes.

  13. Not a fan of you giving our money to illegal aliens. Shame on you – help those in need from the country you represent, before those you don't.

  14. Yeah right! Biden, Obama, and Clinton financed the revolutions in Yemen, Egyp, Syria, calling it the Arab Spring then they weren't satisfied and without any provocation waged a war on Gaddafi in Libya even after he turned over all his nuclear equipment under USA's assurance that they would leave them alone under President Bush. LIbya was a peaceful place to live at the time. Over the last ten years millions of Arabs throughout the Middle East have suffered and died all because of Obama, Clinton and Bidens actions. Not to mention Globalist President Bush''s invasion of Iraq. He was just another fake republican who wants to sell out his country to China and the communists!

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