Polar vortex triggering dangerous winter weather across U.S.

Hundreds of thousands are with out energy as temperatures dive to report lows throughout an enormous portion of america. CBS Information correspondents Omar Villafranca and …

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29 thoughts on “Polar vortex triggering dangerous winter weather across U.S.

  1. Wait until Elon Musk comes to Texas he will suck all your energy/power for the rest of the year! Your governor said welcome to Tesla!

  2. Why aren’t any of the major networks including this one asking where is Puppet Biden , where are any of the politicians that should be addressing this catastrophe ????

  3. Why hasn’t any government agency called a State of Emergency and request help ???
    Why hasn’t so called President Biden said or done anything????
    Worthless politicians!!!!

  4. Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere
    US4686605A – United States

    Abstract – https://patents.google.com/patent/US4686605A/en
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    Process for controlling weather
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  5. To avoid death by blizzard floods hurricane tornadoes earthquake tsunami volcano to Americans to convert to islam immediately.

  6. Think for a second who you voted for then think about the options. We need better options for leadership. Step up to the plate. Get these apathetic rulers out!

  7. The unregulated Texas utilities bought sub standard wind and gas turbines because both have cold climate versions that everyone else in the US uses. There are wind turbines in the mountains near Fairbanks, Alaska that work at -40 degrees for months each winter. Anchorage has has been running on gas turbines for 50 years and wind turbines for 9 years with winters at 20 below. I hope the US Wind Power Association and turbine manufacturers sue their lying frozen sessa off.

  8. Because of bitcoin soaring price, Investing in bitcoin now will be the wisest thing to do especially that it's very profitable.

  9. 1. Texas is not the only state that is experiencing this type of weather

    2. Texas is just the only state WITH A LARGE ENOUGH POPULATION


    4. to put a massive strain on the infrastructure

    5. because household heating requires alot of energy

    6. and if so many people do it all at once

    7. when the infrastructure is not used to it

    8. it will strain that grid

    9. and cause black outs and brown outs

    ….it makes perfect sense

    Large population + uncommon extreme cold trend + heating (which takes more energy than other household items) all at once = strain on the power grid.

    All the other states barrow energy from other states but TEXAS DOES NOT

  10. I was in Dallas in May 1987 attending ACM Siggraph or SMPTE conference… it snowed a smidgen… like an 1/8 to 1/4 of inch of snow accumulated on the road surface. It was icy, black ice in spots… what struck me.. was the day, sunny, cool, and NO ONE CAME OUT… NO TRAFFIC on the highways… folks just stayed indoors ! Like this was a freak event or something. I had never seen anything like that. It was of course a regular weekday. Should have been routine commute traffic as well as people handling their usual activities. Nope, shut down. I guess it don't snow too often down in Texas.

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