Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver – Cinnabar Island

This solemn tune performs on the just lately devastated Cinnabar Island, in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. This music was not current within the authentic …

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34 thoughts on “Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver – Cinnabar Island

  1. The original games teach a valuable lesson.

    Don't fuck with nature, otherwise it'll just fuck you back over in return.

  2. Never again will I be able to bring my fossils back to life at that lab…

    Never again will I be able to explore that burned out mansion.

    And… never again will I be able to multiply my Master Balls and Rare Candies many times over along the coastline.

    Farewell Cinnabar Island… you will be missed. -_-

  3. I remember feeling so awesome when i reached Cinnabar in Leafgreen, but i could never play the original G/S/C. Then i came to this island in SS to find out Cinnabar got demolished…
    I felt shattered…

  4. It was Blaine. Blaine evacuated pokemon and humans off the island and set off the volcano. His gym? Screw that, it can be fixed, rebuilt! The destruction of reality that missingno. would cause, on the other hand…
    Never told a soul. Red knows. Can't or won't talk anymore.

  5. I remember when I first played Silver version and went to this place. It didn't look interesting to me, but I saw Blue there. I didn't play the first two versions of pokemon so I had no idea this used to be Cinnabar Island. As I got older, I read the story of how this island went into disaster. I feel bad for Blaine and for the citizens of the island.

  6. That may have been part of the reason I found Gen II/IV to be my least favorite. Even though they included Kanto and remnants from the original setting, everything from Team Rocket to the cities felt used and abused. Even as a young child, seeing what they did to Lavender Town upset me.

  7. they need to remake Pokemon Yellow
    and put it on the ds and 3ds
    that would complete my life
    ……also the music sounds like something you would hear during a montage of destruction

  8. "Anyway, take a good look around you… A volcano erupts, and just like that, a whole town disappears. We can go on winning and losing in Pokémon, but if nature so much as twitches, we can be overwhelmed in a second… That's the way it is"

    damn, Blue, that's deep

  9. I actually cried first time I witnessed this in Crystal. :< Cinnabar Island was my favorite place to train in Yellow. Before getting SoulSilver, I was hoping they didn't leave Cinnabar like the original GSC… I remember getting there, seeing the devastation and just gawking
    My Typhlosion was just looking around. 😛 (… I wanna draw that now. Dangit.)

  10. mother of nostalgia. sounds like a sad tune that plays in the heads of the people who lived there, because there is almost nothing left of their beautiful hometown after the volcanic eruption

  11. Well, the PMD series is darker because it`s you as a Pokemon venturing through lands that are being/were ravaged. In PMD2, you have to save the world from BECOMING TOTAL DARKNESS! So yeah, PMD is WAY darker, but I was talking about how even the main series is getting more dramatic.

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