Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough 68 – Whirl Islands

100% English. Only a easy information of attending to lugia within the Whirl Islands after getting the Silver wing in pewter metropolis. Though I cant seize lugia for the time being …

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42 thoughts on “Pokemon Heart Gold Walkthrough 68 – Whirl Islands

  1. i have soul silver and i could catch mewtwo without the master ball and i even have ten years and i caught 5 legendaries
    ho-oh , the trio birds , and mewtwo but my uncle uses the master ball on lugia

  2. Red is hardcore!
    It took me a couple of tries to beat him, but eventually i did with my lvl 100 Typhlosion and lvl 90 Mewtwo 🙂 you just have to keed training you team and beat his ass later when you got a strong team

  3. You can catch it if you already have saved in front of it:)
    I have 1 master ball, I'm gonna use it on Lugia:D
    I already have Riakou, Suicune and Entei:D
    It´s take time but i got it:D
    See U

  4. i tried getting lugia by having a dark type.. and just start hitting to like 1hp. my pokemon were lv 50, 51. so u should try lugia.

  5. thanks man you helped out heaps i wasnt sure if i had to beat clair before i could catch lugia i have soul silver but yeah thanks man ill sub ya

  6. i need help someone reply with there FC and name cause i need flash and if u guys have a pkmn with it or know where i can buy it tell me or reply

  7. I bought plenty of dusk balls to catch Lugia with on my HG, but my daughter accidentally chose a fast ball to capture it with, and captured it with the first fast ball! (She was using a lv51 Ampharos in the battle at the time.)

  8. @koedmuch100 well idk how you got 16 badges and no rock smash buut you get it from a guy a lil east of where that tree was(sudwoodo) he will give you rock smash.
    have fun smashing! =P

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