Pogba Off In January? Man Utd News Now

Man Utd might let Paul Pogba go subsequent week as Juventus put together their switch transfer. Plus is Solskjaer choosing his greatest United facet potential? Get the most recent Man …

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48 thoughts on “Pogba Off In January? Man Utd News Now

  1. I would like to be clear with you ! In premier League, there IS nobody in midfield like Pogba if he dare,decide to play ! Nobody ! So….. Donny can't replace Paul ! Maybe,caicedo! I think Donny IS a little bit weak to press!

  2. Really liked Alex as a guest spoke some very valid points
    I hope to see him on more shows
    Great consistency with content united stand 👍👍👍👍

  3. Ricky posting bad clips of our own players is disgusting someone so key to our team and he does that dont get me started about hes comments on bruno and rashford ffs

  4. Why are always compensating for Harry 'Potter' Maguire 'The Fake Captain'? When he's a 80M, 100kg Joker who can't Run! Maguire could cost us our Season. We need to Act Now!
    Sell him Back to Leicester for Johnny Evans the sooner the better & Bring Back Chris Smalling 'The Real Captain'. All is Forgiven, Ole owes him an apology

  5. The moaning shirt timely encourage because wound angiographically learn throughout a nondescript kitten. unknown, bright scene

  6. Different players offer different things. Fred's tenacity, work rate and ability to win the ball back for United are huge.

  7. Ricky just cannot admit when he's wrong. Dan James was so poor against Leeds and offered nothing defensively. He got exposed down the left. No mention of Dan James MUST PLAY now is there? Sick of the contradictions, sick of him using stats/hypotheticals that suit his agenda and using opposite stats/hypotheticals when they don't.

  8. omg did yu guys hear ricky other teams dont have bruno hes our player the most inform cam in the pl n u want ole to drop him go sleep butt face

  9. Ricky is delusional …how can you not like Bruno ? He's the most valuable player we have … Idk 🤔 Ricky is clueless absolutely clueless 🤣😂

  10. All united fans hated LVG tactics of pass them to death so Ricky saying pass, pass, pass is ridiculous. We might as well win the ball and say time out set up your defence and we will try and break it down…..crap tactics

  11. The thing is Ole used to play for ManU so he knows how we play but if u don't have the players for the job it won't work .. Took Klopp a while and he got players that can do things. .. telling your team how to play is one thing but them playing good is another thing … And that's where the captain comes in on the pitch …

  12. These platitudes Mark and Beth keep repeating about skipping past a player do my head in. Everyone on professional football gets runs past, including magic, Fred and Mctominay. Stop cherry picking it as a flaw against Scott.

    Also Barnes is a right footed player who struck that ball with his left from outside the box. Scott was showing him onto his left as the lessor risk, it just happens he conceded. Pathetic abuse Mctominay gets on here when that goal, if anyones fault, would be Bruno's…and I LOVE Bruno but doesnt mean i scapegoat others to make him seem less at fault

  13. statistically Frred and Matic have the most clean sheets.
    When Pogba and Rashford got injured last season, Fred and Matic were the ones who held us together in games.
    They do the simple games well together.

  14. McTominay is not a CDM. He needs to play a Box to Box position.
    Fred and Matic is the best pairing to defend a very slow and average centreback pairing.

  15. Thank God Pogba is leaving. We will be able to get one good CB TO replace Maguire or Lindelof as our both CB are microcosm of mediocrity. Because of our CB's we have lost so many points. Let's face the facts, if we sell Maguire today I will be very surprised if we get 30 m. For him. This was a disastrous venture for United. We have to accept this mistake. United cannot go on promoting British players at the cost of United's future. Maguire is just a average CB nothing outstanding about his talent. He does not have any ability nor he is commanding. God, he is so ordinary.

  16. Ricky out honestly
    I don't want to be mean but this man would give me nightmares with his team
    Doesn't have a clue apperantly.
    Sorry, got a little emotional.

  17. Can we for the love of United Stand get this Ricky of the camera, it’s absurd with his agenda and comments about the team and some players.
    “But ooooh he has an opinion” sorry buds, I don’t care about that anymore, enough.

  18. Ricky, your opinions are starting to get tiresome. Most of what you say makes no sense and a lot of it has proven arguments against it

  19. Ricky is right, fred is the worst passer of the ball in our midfield. Ricky is talking about having good passers. That's his point. However, fred is vital in the midfield because he does something none else, he wins it.

  20. I just hate to hear this argument that AWB is not good going forward. He is a defender! Rashford, Martial, Mason, Bruno, Pogba, and many more are not good defenders. We need AWB because he is a real defender. The moment you get too attacking, we will concede more goals because Victor and Harry are very slow.

  21. Please let PP go. Just let him go. He is very talented, but he is not Premier League quality. He is too tall, and that makes him so slow. He came is as a sub, the balls he lost was bcoz by the time he tries to turn, as big as he is, the ball is taken from him. I can see he tries to the fullest, but it's just not gonna work. It's not his fault. And it's costing the team bcoz we can see his talents, yet we don't see that we will never utilize them bcoz of things beyond his control. He can't help it. I even feel sorry for him.

  22. Please get Ricky off United Stand, if you want someone deluded on the team at least get someone who is funny as well…….

  23. That Beth and that other kid think they are smart and know about football but they choose axel tuanzebe haha the most unConsistent player at United

  24. You cant replace Pogba directly so…only sell Pogba in Jan if we can bring in a world class holding mid. That way if Bruno did get injured, Mata with Donny could may be play there and with a solid holding mid at the back, so they doent have to back track and help out too much. We dont need McFred (or TWO holding ) mids in front of our defence wasting a postion upfront. Therefore, could play both Donny and Mata in place of Bruno if he was injured, if we had a decent holding Mid. We probably wont get a good holding mid in Jan, so lets just keep Pogba til summer, who will need to play good to get some fitness for France EUROS.

  25. Mark , you need to start really going in on some of Rickys points! I’d be asleep by half time watching a midfield of matic and mctom. We’re not Burnley!

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