Playing Rebirth Island in Warzone with NO SBMM… *secret*

Taking part in Rebirth Island in Warzone with NO SBMM… *secret* Comply with BearPigCentral on Twitch ➤ Sub to BearPigCentral …

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33 thoughts on “Playing Rebirth Island in Warzone with NO SBMM… *secret*

  1. I'm so sick of script kitty's and campers its disgusting, wish Activision would develop a thing if it catches you cheating, it fries your pc or game system

  2. I'm such a trash player I got 0.9kd, but at rebirth idk I'm so sweatyy I get 5+ wins a day in mini royal mostly with 2.00 kd wth

  3. Dude I watch all your vids but the whole aim assist thing you keep whining about is starting to get on my nerves. I want you to succeed so this is a heads up.

  4. I’m pretty sure I played against you in quads rebirth a few days ago. My gamer tag is [jesus]dontkillme and I had you downed a few times but couldn’t get the finish and your teammates were able to wipe my team

  5. Yo expel, just curious as to roughly how many games you actually get to play for fun ? Or do you just stream/record for content whenever you hop on ? Love what you’re doing for you and your family though bro! You a real one 🔥

  6. It's always the same 40-50 something people that dislike the videos lol. I enjoy his content very much he's crazy lol. Hope all are well!

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