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37 thoughts on “Playing Fake Islands Games on Roblox

  1. f we ever meet is it possible to have a few enchanted diamons i fighted the kor with sombody and hey stole my nor and when he promised to share he left T^T

  2. And btw guys. A lot of players telling Islands after xp update is trash becaue u lost ur stuff by data wipe. Get items after data wipe is ez to get. If you are grinding slime island,bufflakor islands,helping players,buying in shops it u get normal playing like before xp update,. I dont know players who hate xp update/data wipe. Its good because a lot of players has copied items/duped items/ghost items/ Thanks for read that. Have a great day/night!

  3. To be fate island is kind of a copy of hypixel that’s why it got copy righted but then— due to recent updates island isn’t that big of a copy anymore

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