Plan my FAIRYCORE Island with me!!!

Let’s speak about planning my new island! Hyperlinks talked about 🧚 Fairy Code Pinterest Board: All of …

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21 thoughts on “Plan my FAIRYCORE Island with me!!!

  1. I did this on my island, but you could replace your oranges with apples or cherry’s, I think they could fit the theme more

  2. Hi Tiger! Midge is also a super fairycore villager, and it would be really cool if you made a mush forest with lots of nova lights!

  3. Puddles was one of my first villagers – my auto peppy – and I love her!! I've never seen anyone else get her so I hope you love her 🥺🥺

  4. The only thing that makes me upsrt about animal crossing is that for the players to have custom stuff they have to pay for nintendo switch online wich is a burden cause i collectef money for months to buy the game and console and when i found out i had to pay 20$ every year just to get cute custom stuff i was pretty upset ngl

  5. For Ellie's house, since it is so dark – and I don't know if this would look funny – but what about a "dark fairy" type vibe on some part of the island? Just a thought, could look kind of cool!

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