Pirate101 HD | Skull Island | Episode 1 – Becoming a Pirate

Pirate101 is a brand new sport from kingsisle. I full the tutorial, and I head to Captain Avery’s Workplace have been I uncover that must get again his Jade Amulet.

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29 thoughts on “Pirate101 HD | Skull Island | Episode 1 – Becoming a Pirate

  1. if only pirate101 got the popularity it needed back in 2012 :/ way better designed than wizard101 just needs to make more money so KI can put more time into it :/

  2. My lvl is 6 my character is a buccancer anf his name is uh… I dont rember the first name its orion . And I loook like im cool.

  3. Back then, Buccaneers were pretty bad until the blade storm update. Now there are probably the best melee-using class. Swashbucklers are pretty good as well.

  4. Wow, I forgot the old intro. It was SO much better with the zoom in on the battling ships instead of just a flag close up 😱

  5. this makes me sad because I liked the old pirate101 better because you could heal companions faster and they changed the three quests for lasko, I wish they would go back to the old pirate101, back then all your companions had a percentage about how much they were in combat now its just the first 3 whats the point of having all these companions and not being able to use all the companions.

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