Picard Returns: "Star Trek: Discovery" Stars Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp React

“Star Trek: Discovery” actors Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp react to the information that “Star Trek: The Subsequent Era” star Patrick Stewart is returning to the position of …

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20 thoughts on “Picard Returns: "Star Trek: Discovery" Stars Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp React

  1. By the way, the Picard series won't be canon, just like STD. It'll also be a completely different universe, separate from canon, separate from STD, and even separate from the JJ Abrams garbage.

  2. They already announced the Picard show takes takes place in the shitty Discovery timeline. Thank goodness for The Orville, the best new Star Trek.

  3. I think a prequel to the Enterprise D with the Stargazer and Daniel Stewart playing the young Picard would have been better option!

  4. I have Hope in this new Star Trek Picard Series rumored to be Star Trek Destiny, Patrick Stewart did say to the Whiny Star Trek Babies ''This will not be the Picard you Remember he will be a very different individual'' This gives me great hope cause it won't be Next Gen Picard it will be a New Picard for a new Audience it won't be Roddenberry Picard thank God.

  5. Why the stupid interview with the person stuck on his 16 yr old sexuality? Hope the show is not as sophomoric or it will fail.

  6. I've heard that the only reason Brent Spiner is not back to do Data again is because of his age, he's old and androids don't age. But I think that in sci-fi universe, you can apply anything. Androids and Data in particular can apply hair and beard growth to them, and all the little things to make them seem human, they breathe while they don't have to, so I think adding years to himself is also possible while remaining in the spirit of Trek. I would love to see him as Data again, and old Data XD

  7. Oh boy. They already took a huge shit on decades of established Trek continuity with that abomination Discovery. Why not destroy TNG as well!! What a fucking travesty.
    RIP Star Trek. Sorry Roddenberry…

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