Pete Davidson on "The King of Staten Island"

“Saturday Evening Reside” star Pete Davidson was a longshot when he auditioned for the present at simply 20 years previous. Now, six years later, he’s co-writer and star of his …

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42 thoughts on “Pete Davidson on "The King of Staten Island"

  1. Really enjoyed the film was brilliant! related to it much more than I thought aswell I feel like everyone needs to see this film.

  2. If you're thinking of watching the film, u definitely should. I'm rewatching it cause I like it so much, I think it's mainly bc I like Pete so much but I think everyone should watch it

  3. My daughter said, no matter what role Pete Davidson plays, it's like, he is STILL Pete Davidson! Like This is Pete Davidson playing a bad guy. This is Pete Davidson playing a sad guy. This is Pete Davidson playing a Zombie. This is Pete Davidson playing a comedian on SNL. Cause he is REAL! I'm the Mom that all my daughter's friends hung out here & I can SO see him walking in my front door saying, "What you got to eat Mom?"

  4. Firemen are brave to go into the towers that day. You couldn't tell them not to help. We all wish they would've evacuated both buildings after first plane hit first tower. I saw a documentary that said there was an announcement on the speaker that it's safe to return to your work.

  5. Pete is someone I look up to and he gives me a lot of hope that I’ll be able to make it he is an idol he’s someone a lot of teens can look up to when I make it I will thank him for everything

  6. He's the best part of SNL, in part because he doesn't fit there 😀 I love how open he is about his mental health problems. It means a lot to see that, especially on a platform like SNL.

  7. God bless him and his struggles. 2017 was bad for everyone. Such a funny movie and so well done. Honest and truthful. Another comedy genius.

  8. It is awesome that he is doing movies. This was a great movie. I paid to watch it and it was great. I hope he does many more.

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