Perfect Philippines Island! We REALLY GOT LUCKY To Find This Country

Day 5 of our February every day vlogs. We verify into Villa Cali for a shock staycation and discuss how we obtained actually fortunate to search out this nation. Particularly Siargao …

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43 thoughts on “Perfect Philippines Island! We REALLY GOT LUCKY To Find This Country

  1. I've been watching your bloggs and very much fascinated how confident Story is. She's so pretty and full of energy. She doesn't seem to get bored at all. Love you all guys!❤️🤗😍🐈🐕also give my love to Eden🐈🐕💕

  2. Perfect place for your family to live! Suits your lifestyle with the environment, food, good community of locals and foreigners, schools for Story and more. Will be visiting your beautiful island soon as travel is safer. In the meanwhile, we're taking notes while we watch your vlogs. Thanks for the feel good fix. Lovely's paopao (sp) ?

  3. I'm starting to think Story has an Eidetic memory which is continually developing as she is growing up. 🤔🙂

    Even dogs in the Philippines respect their elders. 🙂

  4. Here in Los Angeles, we try to take our dogs with us but only a handful of hotels will take dogs. If they do they charge around $20 per night per dog. Other issue we have is we have a 150lbs great dane and hotels also have restrictions on weights.. Glad you guys are taking advantage of the community… thanks for sharing..

  5. Story was so excited to show and give you the tiny cucumbers from forest school, and that was such a precious moment. Such a lovely girl.

  6. Jay and Sacha, I'm an avid viewer and subscriber of your lovely vlog. I'm curious as to why, when, and how you have first both made such a life-changing decision to live your unconventional lifestyle: of living and bringing up your only daughter Story in different countries. Seeing how seemingly contented, happy, thriving, and well-adjusted you, all, have become, I think it's just so idyllic and, most definitely–the right and best decision! Not to sound biased, but I've long been meaning to tell you both that I've noticed a different, happier "glow" on your faces ever since you moved to the Philippines, especially in Siargao and in the middle of a global pandemic at that! You must know that you have become the envy of countless many in a quarantined world. 🙂

  7. Hi Story and family! Story is really getting good in Swimming. Smart and tough little one. Stay safe and God bless. 🌺🦋🐢🐬🐟🐠🦀🐌🐛🐞

  8. It sounded like Story said “mom” instead of “mum”, and she said vase rather than väz. How cute that she’s picking up different accents now

  9. God bless you more for creating this kind of life for Story🙏 she will grow as a well rounded individual with lots of love for nature and adventure

  10. Despite happening right Now in the world ur blessd to live a life there in the iland… Enjoy life! And be safe always.. Love from.. tacloban Leyte phillipnes.

  11. I still remember when you had to make 'that video' addressing all the (well meaning) pressure and criticism people around you were giving you when you first moved to Portugal. I think it was obvious then that you had your values right and I'm so pleased that the opportunities you took then have now paid off. Even if the channel wasn't as financially successful as I'm sure it is slowly becoming, it's clear you have engineered a very happy life for your family xx


  13. You raised Story very well..and thank you for always appreciating our HomeLand Phillipines and for appreciating our Filipino customs,traditions and surroundings🇵🇭

  14. Story is very lucky to have a loving and caring parents like you. When she grows up she will dinifinately appreciate everything you did for her.

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