People Are Afraid to Come to This Island, Here's Why

There’s a phenomenal island within the Atlantic Ocean 25 miles off the coast of Brazil, and it is one of many strangest locations on Earth. It is simple to achieve, has an infinite …

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27 thoughts on “People Are Afraid to Come to This Island, Here's Why

  1. If it is that dangerous how come there are people there filming the snakes and not only filming them but right up close to them and walking along beside of them.

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  3. Dog: have I ever heard of this islands?
    Another dog: yes, I would like to go there…
    Dogs: packs bags and sales of
    Me: Dogs I will put u some treats!
    Dogs: do you know what maybe we should re think this I mean Bright side did say that that it is dangerous..
    Dogs: fine
    Me: I'm so glad I watch Bright side !!!

  4. I was thinking, what if they set the island on fire or use helicopter to spay some poisonous chemicals on them before he mentioned someone already tried setting it on fire

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