Pelosi Holds Briefing After Pro-Trump Rioters Stormed Capitol

Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a briefing a day after pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol to disrupt the affirmation of President-elect Joe Biden’s …

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34 thoughts on “Pelosi Holds Briefing After Pro-Trump Rioters Stormed Capitol

  1. Pelosi, representing attacks on American rights and the very Constitution this Republic was founded upon. What a total disgrace to every man and woman who ever served, fought and died for this REPUBLIC! Pelosi is a fraud, just like her annointed, selected and injected leadership.

    If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within” – Abraham Lincoln –

  2. Hey you're a crow where's your proof they were Republicans I'm independent but I want your proof on those from the Republicans that broke into the White House when one of their shirts said f*** Trump…… Huh

  3. This woman has definitely lost it. Does she not have anything else to do but pester and torment our beloved President Trump? Let's take a closer look at this Capitol Building Breach on January 6, 2021. Folks, you have to be a Moron not to know that Biden and the left stole the Election. On the left, you had bogus votes, you had stuffed ballot boxes, fraudulent votes packed in suitcases under tables, rigged voting machines doing all sorts of things – printing out fradulent winning votes, etc, and Hillary Clinton suspiciously but briefly announcing that she is a member of the Electoral College. Now, had the Election not been stolen like this, think about it, all those Trump supporters would not have been there. Then lol at the group if thugs that breached the Capitol. They were not even with the rest of the thousands of peaceful Trump Trump supporters. They operated on their own, away from the larger group. Anyone find this a bit odd? Could the thugs have been planted by Biden and the left? Has this ever been done before? Think back to the Clinton Campaign and all that was done.
    Looking at President Trump now. You had an honest campaign. 78 Million Americans voted for him. The larger majority of supporters in DC were peaceful and positive.
    There's just too many oddities here that do not add up. Pelosi's behavior is especially striking and compelling. Why is she so desperately trying to get President Trump? She is trying to get him out of the way; out of the spotlight. Why? What is this symptomology of? What does this point to?
    Then we have this COVID crap. Read about FEMA Camps on YouTube, and don't bad too happy should Biden actually take office. By God, they are up to something, and it is not good. My daughter lies in a hospital dying from COVID. Whomever is behind this virus ought to be shot.
    In my book, Biden is not my President, and not only did Trump win, he won by a landslide.

  4. Nancy, do America a favor and retire. Your to old and crazy to be in charge of anything, you should be on your front porch knitting a sweater for your little dog.

  5. Pelosi and the rest of the gooberment have lost their minds. They SHOULD be hung by the neck after they are found guilty for crimes against humanity and Americans,

  6. She one paranoid woman she obsessed, I reckon trump has some dirt on her she been raging war for years, she getting old now

  7. 👎Shame on lying 🤥 hypocrite democrat Nancy Pelosi. 60 Minutes Reporter to Nancy Pelosi: Lady, You Obstructed a COVID Relief Bill for Eight Months–Own It. Indeed she did as millions of Americans suffered well she broke coronavirus rules getting her hair done without a mask like a
    typical liberal Democrat hypocrite does. She not fit to run dog 🐶 pound.
    Could be why President Trump's approval rating beats Pelosi's by 15 points. See Nancy Pelosi most Americans 🇺🇸 like Trump much more than angry 😡 you👎


  9. DISGUSTING DEMOCRATS How sad is it we have an electorate where CHEATING is honorable?
    Another baseless impeachment for political purposes? Try governing for the good of the country instead of wasting resources… especially during COVID. Anyone supporting Pelosi and Schumer on this are IGNORANT SLIM.

  10. What really needs to be done Is Justice get rid of Pelosi Just do it anyway possible she must be gone all she is doing is Inciting the people to riot..and when the riots begin lets make sure People have her address and any place else she may be.. Just so they can stop bye and say hi

  11. Pelosi isn't for the people she for herself held up stimulus check for political Gain and now just using our tax paying people money for a useless cause she needs to be fired point blank

  12. Soooooooooo Urgent, Grandma, Youve been saying this for years cause you havent gotten your way. YA< YOU DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!! DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. sttttuuuuu stuuuuuuu ddddee rrrr dddeee sttttuudddd. All day, God for bid she didnt have notes……………CAN YOU IMAGINE!!!!!

  14. The disrespect start in Pelosi when she ripped up her copy of President Trump's State. Of the Union address at the end of his speech. This is incite to fhe violent and the disrespect and nobody said nothing.She is full of hate and this is no good for american people we want Progress Health. Peace .

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