Patrick Mahomes Press Conference after losing Super Bowl LV to Tom Brady | CBS Sports HQ

Patrick Mahomes press convention after dropping Tremendous Bowl LV. He talks about his toe harm and if it is going to require surgical procedure within the offseason. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR …

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23 thoughts on “Patrick Mahomes Press Conference after losing Super Bowl LV to Tom Brady | CBS Sports HQ

  1. no excuses huh and yet you're trying to say all those excuses were the reason you lost. A great athlete overcomes adversity and rises and doesn't start making excuses

  2. This game was given to Brady everyone kisses his fucking ass. Brady got lucky. It was a fixed game the officials did everything possible to make sure that Brady won. That is not too much to comprehend unless ur an idiot. After fucking all, they were in Tampa Bay. Patrick Mahomes is the very best QB outside of Joe Montana, the best ever to wear the Chiefs winning gear ever!!!! I love the Chiefs and always will. Patrick Mahomes is quintessential!!!!

  3. He didn’t say it like cam Newton did so we might be able to outlast Brady and his refs. Man what a single sided refereeing game. Sad how they did the same to Green Bay two weeks before huh

  4. You are awesome Patrick, I live in Florida,always stay humble and sweet as you are, your a great man with a great career ahead of you

  5. The Chiefs didn’t lose to “Tom Brady” they lost to the Buccaneers, tard bucket shit crickers! And the dumb media asking questions about the Reid crash! Just talk about the game. Not personal stuff regarding any member of the Chief’s. That’s for another time

  6. They didn't take away nothing .you play all season good then go to the bowl and can't throw running backwards .We know you and the other big name KC players threw the game .you got payed more to lose than win .We know it was Fix.fuck football.

  7. Man he looks exhausted like if he was running for his life just look at him…oh wait he did…oh snap I was just informed that he's still running….

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