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44 thoughts on “PART 2 of Star Trek Discovery 3×13 Season Finale Review & Breakdown Analysis of all Plot Holes

  1. The whole issue with the giant turbo lift space reminds me of Nemesis when Riker and the Reman Viceroy fight. They were supposed to be at the bottom of the ship, but Riker ends up kicking the Viceroy and he falls even further down the ship somehow. People used to complain about that, and that’s nothing compared to what Discovery keeps doing

  2. how would mobile emitter help if it was storing the doctor's firmware to visualize it? the whole idea of showing grey (instead of other ex-hosts) was dumb af

  3. "I don't know who would want to serve on this ship with these people" – LOL!!!! LOL!!! These reviews make the excruciating task of watching this show worthwhile.

  4. Dude !?!?!?!?! You couldn't be more wrong !!!! On a number of things !!! But did you ever watch the whole episodes ….they did take the guy that was stranded with them !!!! That's how he got there man !!!!

  5. so in star trek discovery in the 32nd century, anyone can become a starfleet officer now huh? burnham makes Aditya Sahil, the guy who stayed on that federation relay station for 40 yrs, a acting officer. then when she sees him in the finale, which she havent seen since the 1st, is now a lt jr grade? he never went to basic training or anything. adira tal is now a star fleet officer, yet adira has never went to the academy. u know cuz it blew up. never been through basic training. now cuz adira has the knowledge of other starfleet officers and is really smart, they make adira a officer out of the blue? also thats now now trill symbiont works. u just cant access the memories of past host at will and know everything they know, like googling something on the net. hell the crew of discovery had to wait a month before given a mission kurtzman logic!

  6. This should have been a series ending instead of a season ending.
    They must have been uncertain about renewal when they wrote the ending for Season 3.

  7. 4:45 Reno treats an AI drone better than "Gene" scooping up human remains in the Spore chamber.
    Gene made the same sacrifice to go to the future as the rest of them and Reno treat him like furniture.
    That killed the character for me even if it was supposed to be a funny moment.
    Her character only seems to show up when the story needs a quick comment from her like a video game.
    All the bridge crew are one dimensional cut outs and I don't know they're names…except Tilly and Linus.

  8. wait everyone heard the same song before the burn. Oh no they were ripping of from spellforce 3. (Spoiler for Spellforce3) In Spellforce 3 there is a mysterious magical plague, the so called blood burn, which was killing people at random all over the whole continent. One of the the symptoms described was that before some one dies you can hear a whispering voice, sounding like a song. Later it gets revealed that the mother of the main character accidentally caused burn, as she was looking for you. So the whole thing is completely ripped of from spellforce3 and while for a fantasygame its a nice little story, which is actually only one half of the whole plot, for star trek it falls flat i think. And it was even done better in the game, because while in spellforce 3, the plot discussed the dangers of magic and having magic people around, while also tieing this whole discussion to the protagonist and his relationship to his dead abusive father, who fought the suppression of wizards and became later a tyrann, Star trek really seems to do nothing with the fact some rando caused the burn.

  9. This show demonstrates such a lack of imagination. They don't seem to grasp the concept of futurism. Their ideas of what's futuristic seems fairly obvious and dull. Why should you even have to repair ships? Transporters and replicators reproduce matter, just have a separate transporter system that detects damage or malfunctions in the ship's hardware and instantly beam in replacement hardware that's an exact duplicate down to the atomic structure. You'd never need to fix anything. Instead of a comm badge, have a small wrist strap/bracelet that would act as a communicator, tricorder, medical tissue regenerator, phaser emitter, shield generator, and would replicate your uniform on to you every morning. And that's just something I pulled out of my hat just now. It's a thousand years in the future in a science-fiction universe that was already super advanced. Use some imagination, writers!

  10. If they made the elevator scene circular, to match the stupid design of the ship with an outer rim disconnected from the inner rim, it'd at least make sense why there's a circular corridor. Still stupid design, but at least sensible.

  11. This show is clearly not for trek fans. They even said that it isn't. But then they show a quote from gene Roddenberry in the finally. I think that's disgusting or pathetic. Maybe both. They couldn't be more far off from his vision with this show. It's actually impressive.

  12. I've mentioned in the past that the problem with serialized storytelling is that it sets the bar higher for the quality of writing, but now I realized there's another problem with ST:DIS, as well as with many other serialized shows these days, which is in contrast to the shows that made serialized storytelling popular (like BSG and Lost). Each season is expected to be a complete story, which is why you're expecting the plot threads to get resolved. In BSG and Lost the tension was kept more or less uniform, with maybe some bigger events left for season finales, but they also generally ended on cliffhangers. And we had multiple plot threads and mystery boxes overlapping, any of them could be resolved in the next episode, or left open for the next season, you never knew. In ST:DIS each season has a small number of its own mystery boxes, which on one hand are expected to be resolved within the season, and on the other hand, because such a big deal is made of each of them, they are artificially kept open for a number of episodes (the whereabouts of Spock, the nature of the signals and the red angel, now the origin of the burn). So there's this pattern of mysteries being solved slowly, but you can be sure they'll be solved by the finale, which takes away the excitement.

  13. Hold on. Why would Saru be showing the effects of radiation on his skin when it's a holographic avatar? The same effects are not visible when he returns to his Kelpian image. How does this holographic tech work? Also, if they bring Gray into visual existence in the future, what if Adira has a big argument with him (they?) and they split up? His existence depends on her. That's one strange power relationship.

  14. 'Fans of common sense' I burst out laughing. I think you are very very fair in your reviews. I did some 2nd unit work on Season 3 episode 4 (2nd boom Operating) and I was really looking forward to this season. The episode looked great (I did the flashback stuff and the scene where they met the past lives). And even though the episode turned out pretty good (as you said), it turned out episode 4 was the exception not the norm for the pretty disappointing season 3. Maybe next year will be better! Aha.

  15. Speaking about a boy staying in the holodeck – do you remember when Nog wanted to stay in the holodeck? That was so funny.

  16. It's really sexist and racist they didn't make Michael Bummer into Q after all the people she violently murdered this season. Gene would be appalled.

  17. If you worked for them as an advisor, you would go crazy everytime they blatantly ignore your advice just to show a cool special effect

  18. Brother Kevin killing off the entire Husnock species was many things but one of them was not an accident, they killed his lover, act of passion explains his actions, not an accident. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do but it wasn’t an accident.
    Now in terms of condemning Kevin more, how? How do you condemn a being that with a single thought can remove your species from existence, how?

  19. "Fans of common sense" those don't exist in large numbers anymore. They were added to the endangered species list in the year 2000.

  20. I think the music thing was resolved, albeit stupidly, as being the Kelpian distress call, somehow distorted by the nebula. A major problem with this season (and others) is that plot points are resolved by just making something up, rather than something that logically follows from rules of the universe that are established. I think this makes mysteries ultimately unsatisfying, because there's no way you could have figured them out for yourself, and learning the solution doesn't give you insight into a consistent on-screen world, but rather tells you that the universe is random and incomprehensible, bending only to plot convenience.

  21. this is beyond bad Nitpicking Nerd, you need to talk about good sci-fi like The Expanse, STD is still getting exposure for free

  22. This is the Kelvin timeline. Proof is there trill saying there's never been a human and symbiot joining. Except in the episode of TNG they are introduced Riker has to be temporarily joined with one.

  23. Holograms will be glitchy for 1000 years, and no one cares about fixing that…
    How annoying would it be if we would have monitors that glitch that often today?

  24. A finale where a mutated child was revealed to have almost destroyed the galaxy because of a temper tantrum would barely be acceptable in a great Star Trek show. It's random and unsatisfying. It has no arc. It makes no sense. STD hasn't built any good will with fans to pull this shit.

  25. You may want to start a go fund me site to repair the mental damage this show has put you through. I truly am concerned. May the force be with you.

  26. You are trying to make sense and organize with a rational mind Chaos. Much like this dumpster fire of a show. You are trying to organize wind blown debris at a city dump. Stop it for one second with the use of your eyes. Use your nose. This junk stinks to high heaven.

  27. And my insider info on the shoots that were being done earlier this year were reshoots are closer to being true. The evidence is glaringly on the screen right before you. I could walk you through it but believe me it would not be worth it.

  28. I am trying to help you with your confusion. This is not Star Trek. STD is a disease stolen from BAD imitations of old computer games, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Die Hard, The Orville… I could go on and on and on. But you get the point.

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