Parler executive speaks out following Google app store ban, threats from Apple

Parler Chief Coverage Officer Amy Peikoff discusses a possible ban for Parler following President Trump’s Twitter ban on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. #FoxNews …

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28 thoughts on “Parler executive speaks out following Google app store ban, threats from Apple

  1. If people do not like ANY specific content on a social media they have a right and a privilege to discontinue any or all association. But to shut down a whole network strictly for political gain, I feel is unacceptable.

    If people can't control their own sexual awareness, DO NOT expect the State to step in and control it for you! You may later regret it.

  2. I've just learned that Parler has just been forcefully shut down by Amazon, as the Parler executive warned in this video, just a day later after the video got posted. I was initially uninterested to set up an account in any of the alternative social media, like Parler etc, although I was always supportive of their efforts to defend free speech and to be honest I despised the established social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, the events of these last days might have got me into thinking, but the final nail in the coffin was the ban of Donald Trump's social media accounts, although they've been similar attempts in the past, they were nowhere near as coordinated, while in the same time entirely without any semblance of reasoning cited for their unprovoked criminal behavior. That demonstrated to me that these attacks are here to stay, for good. It doesn't matter if I'm nowhere near the US, quite literally an ocean across, as I live in Greece, these unprecedented attacks on free speech must be answered for. In response I'm pulling my support for the established social media, deleting or abandoning by stop using any accounts I might have and switching instead to viable alternatives like Parler etc

  3. This country is lost. It’s Every man for himself. No more law, only treason and liars. Do what you can to survive and if you’re under 55, your in real trouble.

  4. Oh lord, Amy Peikoff appears to be autistic. Maybe that's why she is okay marketing an evil hate speech platform. ISIS and other Islamic hate groups would love Parler and have used similar underground sites.

  5. "For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ."  – 2 Cor 10:3-5

  6. First off “free speech” comes with big responsibility, so many people don’t get that.

    Secondly, like everything in life it’s being ruined by extreme minorities.

  7. For all you thinking that Tucker is any what fair or omniscient in this scenario
    4:40 , "They're accusing you of inciting violence" , No they did not say that, as the lady struggled to explain, they're accusing Parler of not monitoring information ON their platform that may incite violence. Which they didn't since that was their entire gig, of not monitoring anything. There were about 50 examples in AWS's explanation to Parler retaining content of incited violence.
    5:05 Here he uses an examples of "Why don't they take responsibility for Emails sent, Why do you have to take responsibility but they dont". This arguement was worse than the last, You cant compare a Private messaging method to A Public Broadcasting Platform. The difference here is obvious as can be, but basically one is meant to be private and the other pubic, Gmail advertises that their emailing system is one to one, while things like parler are obviously meant for the public and ought to be acted as such.

  8. You want to know what you are experiencing right now, you need to look at World War One. The propaganda campaigns between the communists and the free world! Same exact thing! Again this is why we made the Freedom of the Press. Now the Communist are controlling that information and doing the same thing they always have.

  9. Tucker: The kid sitting in the front row at class when all the other kids bounced books and spit balls off his oblong head.

  10. It's a strategic clean up job on the right wing one week before Biden's inauguration, I dont take sides politically because leaning either way absolutely is just idiotic and anyone who has common sense has a mixture of right and left leaning beliefs depending on the state of our world and society. The environment and world around us combined with the passage of time fundamentally changes what the right and wrong thing to do is, that being said our 2 party system a huge contradiction and is showing us that they don't have anyone's best interest in kind except those that keep them in power and they'll turn on whoever they need to, also recently they (both sides) have been only moving in ways that directly give them more and more power in a shorter and shorter length of time. No matter what your beliefs are make sure to excersize your rights and protect your family because that's all the power we have left to use. The family structure staying strong is our only hope as a nation. Good luck to my fellow Americans.

  11. Socialist Communists – Take away your freedom of speech, block the truth by controlling the media and try to force down your throat falsehoods that everyone is just supposed to accept. This is why we made Freedom of the press in the 1st place so this wouldn't happen!

  12. Google, Amazon, Twitter and others are far to big and bossy for any democratic country. They really need to be cut down drastically. It is NOT their job to tell us how to think or what to believe in.

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