Our Philippines Daily Life NEW Normal On SIARGAO Island

That is the brand new regular for us on Siargao island. Each day Life has actually modified now that Eden the canine is again with us within the Philippines. Our names are Jmayel …

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35 thoughts on “Our Philippines Daily Life NEW Normal On SIARGAO Island

  1. Hi, our family is korean and living in Portugal.
    I was touched by your nomad life and decided to immigrate to portugal. Thanks to your life style, we came to take courage to live a new life in Porto. Now we live in Porto and are sharing our life on youtube as you have done.
    Thank you! Keep in touch via YouTube😊👍

  2. I do not think there is something wrong with Eden, he was just cooped for so long, it will take her over a week to regain her strength. The most important thing is she's with her family

  3. Eden appears to have cataracts. Our dog became blind in both eyes. She definitely walks like she is uncomfortable and wants to lay down instead. In Portugal, she wS already showing signs of slowing down and laying on your couch a lot. It would be best to stay home with her where she isn’t forced to go here and there and ride on the bumpy roads in the car. I feel sorry for her.

  4. Edin is so beautiful bud
    Now you're whole family 👪 is back together ❤ you're so blessed 🙌
    My girlfriend and daughter live in bulacan Philippines 🇵🇭 I'm stuck in Britain Bristol 🇬🇧 😑

  5. Hi, I am a Filipina from Baguio base here in Frankfurt. I am one of your avid subscriber, always finding time to watch your vlogs after work. LOVE it, got to see the beauty of Siargao even just in videos.
    So happy for you guys that Eden finally joined you there. ❤️I envy the situation there because it's not totally lockdown, restaurants are open.
    We are here still on lockdown till end of February. 😕(except for grocery stores and Pharmacies)
    Keep safe and God bless.

  6. Hello Guys 🌹🌹🌹Sooooo cutie Story …happy to see Eden 👍♥️👍
    Your good looking today Jay…No Bear 👍👍👍…

  7. Aww poor Eden is having jet-lag. I know how that is. It usually takes me 2 weeks to get acclimated to the time zone. I’m so happy to see her with you guys.

  8. She is a good restaurant dog, except for that time when she worried you sick when she ran away and hid under the table in another restaurant in the back streets of Portugal

  9. I'm so happy Eden is with you now! She doesn't look good though. She acts as though she was traumatized on the journey. You never know how she has been treated along the way. She appears to need to see a vet. Even though she is old, it's understandable that she might be slow and such…but she doesn't seem ok.

  10. Eden could some refreshing massage with warm oil on her hips..I do that with our boy boxer and he seemed to be responding well to it. CBD oil does help also..please don't take my word for it you can check with a local vet over there.

  11. This cavalier attitude about safety really worries and annoys the *%#@ out of me.. Having been a first responder for years, I can only inform people.. I cringed when I saw Story with the people not "PROPERLY" wearing their masks.. This pandemic is so far from being over with.. Attitudes must begin to change or the death tolls will soon become double what they are to date.. Between the various strains of the virus, the mutation of viruses, and slow vaccinations, no one can afford to be cavalier about safety.. Losing a family member to this virus is one too many..

  12. I just love seeing Eden with you guys! She just makes you so happy! Our dog is 14 and we give him joint vitamins and it makes him more agile with it…
    I hope Eden gets over her jet lag soon, I wonder if swimming in the ocean will help her muscles to get stronger…. take care guys and enjoy life with Eden♥️♥️

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