Orion at Kings Island has started Testing!

Orion the B&M Giga at Kings Island has lastly made its first take a look at run, and it’s Hauling! Take a look at Footage Credit score: Kings Island …

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36 thoughts on “Orion at Kings Island has started Testing!

  1. Lol dis is so fast dat Micah will probably rank it above I305 and say I305 is a slug that does nothing (JK no offense)

  2. Orion is shaping up to be a great coaster. Just remember that the coaster is going to speed up as we start coming into spring and later into summer. This ride will be hauling by the time the park opens and should give some nice airtime in the back on those hills

  3. our band practices 6 mins from there. There aren't very many homes in the area to complain about the noise. It's all businesses and a mega church. And of the homes that are closer, only about 3% of them were built before the park was there so they knew what they were getting into living near an amusement park anyway.

  4. I made a similar helix in no limits 2 and it reaches 3.5gs and is and last more than orion helix I hope it does not pull To many gs on the helix

  5. The lift hill will always be this slow because if you look at a video by josh Amos called fury 325 compared to leviathan, they both take about 50 seconds to get to the top, this took about 45 seconds, and it just looks slower so uuuuuhhh…..yeet I’m out. 😀

  6. im still not impressed.. sorry.. im gona wait till mid summer once shes hot. and broken in. then ride her. and see ….but I do have to agree that roar!!! dammmmm….hands down this is the loudest B&M I have heard…

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