Oregon GOP spreads lie that Capitol riot was 'false flag' operation

CNN’s Kyung Lah stories that the Oregon state Republican Celebration’s spreading the lie that that the riot a the US capitol was a ‘false flag’ operation illustrates the …

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34 thoughts on “Oregon GOP spreads lie that Capitol riot was 'false flag' operation

  1. Yes, they were dumb to follow what Trump's "command" was. But just like the person who shouts "fire" in a crowded theater when there wasn't any, Trump should be charged for what he incited when there wasn't any voter fraud.

  2. Sustaining anarchy is necessary to America’s desire to further degrade themselves. American Republicans have lost all sense of pride in their Nation. Far too many who call themselves Republicans cannot come to terms with a host of America’s realities. If Republicans cannot sort themselves out they will destroy their Nation. Many of them seem to be ok with that.

  3. I am so ashamed to be a senior citizen when listening to those seniors believing Trump's lies although the truth is obvious.

  4. joe biden is a illegitimate president
    IMPEACH joe biden " Rigged" presidential election 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    joe" Beijing" biden will never be my president
    America On The Brink Of Civil War 2.0

    cnn = fake news

  5. I don't understand why we are concerned about Trump. If he should be foolish enough to run in 2024, we will simply have another corrupt election like we did in 2020. No matter who the Republican candidate is, he or she will face a bogus election. This is the new America.

  6. Trump supporters are an infection, a cancer. A cancer are mutated cells that are a far minority in a body, but unchecked, they will destroy other cells and eventually organs and body parts killing the thing that is the United States. The more they don't deal with it, the more severe the treatment will be down the road.

  7. Aren't you getting tired of losing your minds over people who are principled conservatives?this crap has been all year long by blm and antifa..19 police officer dead and 147 innocent lives lost in all the summer protesting that was peaceful 🤣you people are so ignorant

  8. Trump is making a comeback just you wait folks haha. These liars do not understand what kind of communism they started look what is happening to our nation because we can’t prove that the election was fraud. And the left all know it is true. They just don’t want to admit it

  9. If you change and said we’re sorry we will work together to heal America I would be happy but that answers they give is NO! Well when they republicans do something bad They blame democrats that’s just what child do stupid

  10. In the not to distant future the GOP will be faced with a "Reckoning". It will be DJT Believers Vs. GOP Faithful. Either way they are going to have to rehabilitate Themselves and present a Party that can Unite. I do not see that as a possibility. The GOP of the Past is a Corpse Walking,

  11. remeber kids…………………..lies are always gonna be exposed……………no matter wat………………….it will always one day be revealed

  12. Why would the Republican Party back literally one of the dumbest humans walking planet earth in Dumpstain Trump? Answer….Thy're all fkin batshit crazy!

  13. I lost faith in Republicans when Trump Supporters said, even if Jesus himself came down and told me, I would believe Trump…There is no Deprograming for the nation…Trumpism is a cult and they are projecting on to everyone else. I think we are seeing the beginning to the end to our Democracy. It makes me sad for my country that I truly love.

  14. That's the reality of liberty,I don't have to join anyone if I feel different about someone 😒sounds like communism, pressuring me to feel the same way others feel😒I feel how I feel

  15. This is truly the end of the GOP. If these are your followers then you are almost certain to die a slow agonizing death of your party. Your party brought this upon yourselves. You knew the truth, even from the beginning, but you went along with him, you let him destroy you from the inside out, and almost destroy our country. We will fight like hell to never have a president like that again. We are now watching the end to the republican party. R.I.P.

  16. Incredible the denial these people live and the lies they perpetuate in to their rhetoric in being antiAmerican and destroying integrity our country and insulting truth

  17. It was a false flag operation! Antifa and BLM were involved! How could President Trump be to blame for the riots when he was still giving his speech when they stormed the Capitol?? This was a planned riot, and Biden stole the election! Navarro doesn't even know what she's saying, because she's lying!🙄
    Washington State

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