WANT TO KNOW THE SECRET TO REACHING GOAL? This video provides up the largest secret but!! Make sure that to observe till the tip!!!! Comply with me on Instagram …

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  1. I appreciate your honesty and candor. I feel this is what keeps most people stuck or recycling the same pounds trying to do whatever plan they are on their way. A plan is a plan for a reason and it is definitely a mindset thing and mindset shift that I continue to work on. Personally;l for me I am deciding to do this because I need the structure I wiggle roomed my WW points so much that I literally start gain weight in the pandemic even though I technically ate within my points. I was stung a little by the truth of your video but it was what needed to hear to put myself in motion to just doing it the way it is supposed to be done this time. In the end, I am only disappointing myself with all the hacks. Thanks for posting this video.

  2. Thank you. Gained so much weight back after weight loss…I didn’t do transition properly. I started over and over and I have been up and down and it’s because of an extra bite here and there and substitutions :/ I’m ready tomorrow to go 100%. I want to be happy again.

  3. This is a great video! Thank you! Can it be possible to be at a point where I just won’t lose anymore? I’m 3 pounds from goal and just not losing.

  4. This was such a timely reminder. Thank you for this. Last week was rough but so far this week has been great and your encouragement was much needed

  5. I'm one of those people that ordered from a different company to make up for the missing favorites & I never thought about what you're saying! It's so true! I'm paying my hard-earned money for these fuelings & I'm not following the plan! No wonder I'm stuck! 😕

  6. Omg, I am in the group and it is nuts trying to find something that tastes amazing. Now I feel this: I would eat dirt to reach my goal.

  7. It’s just so crazy though (from my frustration) how does an egg white or two mess with my progress as it has this week.

  8. Excellent information, I’m on a similar plan; Profile by Sanford and this was good for me too. I lost 40lbs in 2019 and just came back after gaining 15lbs back👍

  9. Thank you so much for this video. Such a great reminder to everyone. I did the plan as it was written last week and lost 10 pounds!!!
    Your such an inspiration to me and I love your videos. I especially love the what I eat in a day videos. 😀

  10. I’m fairly new with the Optavia program. Do you use Walden Farms salad dressings, etc? I was told that I could basically be liberal with salad dressings if I use Walden’s…zero carbs and calories.🤷‍♀️

  11. Great video! I want to know if staying on plan can I have optional snack like Pb2? I have grown to really like Pb2 and put 2 tablespoons on my brownie and froze it for tonight, is that okay??

  12. I was told to have a cheese stick or hardboiled egg with at least 2 of my fuelings just because I’m still nursing my 19 month old (trying so hard to wean her) and on the days where I am really active. Other than that I don’t really hack, but do struggle with tortilla chips as those are some of my kids favorite snacks and I have 3 kids under 5 years old! I need to get refocused. Sometimes I feel really discouraged, but my coach is very motivational! I have lost over 50 lbs and have about 80 more to go, but I have slowed down. I deleted Facebook so I really enjoy following you and others on Instagram to keep me motivated!

  13. FANTASTIC points, Laurie! Last week I decided to do this very thing, stop the hacks and go back to basics. I’ve been a “slow” loser (it’s all relative to each person) but averaging 2lbs down per week. In ONE week I dropped 4.7lbs – I was down every day! – and officially lost 50lbs! I’m .2lbs from being in Onederland, a place I haven’t been since college and I’m 46. I know this plan works, as it’s designed. The only good hack is a different way to cook it. If you have to add anything besides water to a powdered fueling to cook it, I’m not doing it. I’m glad you saw it and said it. I truly appreciate the inspiration! It’s so motivating.

  14. Hi Laurie! I am one of your biggest supporters; you are so knowledgeable and kind. I do have one question for you though. I am 7 months into the program and have lost 42 pounds with 18 more to go. I’m concerned that I’ll need to be on the 5&1 for a year or two before transitioning much like you … what are some things you tell yourself to keep motivated month after month? Thank you for all you do!! 🥰

  15. I “hack” things, but I stay 100% on plan. I stay within my 3 condiments, 2 healthy fats (only when my protein is the leanest!), and my fuelings. BUTTTTTTTT, I’m also only on week one hahahaha I liked this video though! I didn’t even realize people are drinking diet pop and eating cheese sticks? Haha I make sure I only eat every 2-3 hours and try my best to stay 2.5-3 hours! But I haven’t had my first weigh in though! I’m excited to see my results! I can already see it in my face!

  16. Close to my goal and chose to eat turkey lunchmeat in my salad and splurged on cashews. Today I'm inspired by Felicianurse! Have to be strict with myself if I want to lose the last 6 pounds!

  17. So a few months ago when I started watching your videos, you said you were transitioning and I was like "GREAT! That's where I am." So I'm confused. Why are you back to weight-loss? Did transitioning not work for you?

  18. How often do you exercise? I've gained my 30lbs back by very poor eatting and keep trying to jump back on and juat stay on plan . I love to workout a(hitt) and do 6 days a week, but I thought that if I just started walking and biking a couple days week I wouldn't have great weight loses?!?!
    I also thought maybe that's why I'm not having success staying on plan right now to . Do you have any thoughts or advice 🤔

    I'm a sugar junkie and just want to quickly drop the 30 again 🙁

  19. Can you tell me how condiments that are 0 calories affect the program? I don’t understand why we are limited to 3 a day if they are 0 calories..

  20. I really believe in the product! It does work. I went off the plan a year ago because of Covid and have gained a lot of my weight back do to stress.
    I have a lot of product to start up again for this month to start up again. My coach is no longer doing the plan so she is not around to help or answer questions. What should I do? I’m feeling discouraged…no support and want to start again!

  21. I love your videos!! You keep it real and show your real life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have hit my original goal but i thought, hey why not another 5lbs down. Honestly I never thought I would reach my original goal. Optavia has been a renewing of my mind and a spiritual shift for me. You’ve mentioned your coach’s statement before in other videos and it has stuck with me. I wanna thank you for that! When hard times have come…when I ordered something that I didn’t really like or it was time to eat something I didn’t want. I would say to myself, “Hey, I can get it down, not a big deal” and when I would finally get it down it wasn’t a big deal plus I usually got a lot of my water intake in. 💪🏻
    I chose to eat those fuelings when I really didn’t even want to eat or not hungry (so I wasn’t disappointed) but it was time to eat and I stuck to the plan. Then I would drink lots of water and it’s gone. It’s kinda like the mind set I took on when I was delivering my daughter… “pain with a purpose”. The purpose or my “why” in changing my relationship with food was and still is to avoid cholesterol medication and to get my gout under control. Those two things are avoided now 🙌🏻and I’m down 75lbs! Whoop! Whoop!! 80lbs when I meet my final goal. It is gonna have to be a forever change in mindset. Food shouldn’t be our reward or pleasure. It has FINALLY kicked in and I’m so very thankful! God has blessed me with this life and I have changed my view and relationship with food and it not just to meet a number but a forever change. I wanna live a long life or go out kicking..If I can do it…anybody can…I haven’t been perfect…but I have stuck to the race. I NEVER thought I would be down to the weight of my HS/University days. It is possible…all things are possible with God. What we chose today is what we will be tomorrow. Thank you Laurie for going along with me on this road….I haven’t got to comment as much as I usually do. My daughter has had mono going on over a month and she is on homebound so this mama has been taking Spanish 2 🤦🏼 and nursing her. I had to have a tutor when I took Spanish 2 in HS. Lawd have mercy…it’s amazing how life can go full circle. Thank you Laurie and I am sending you blessings and hugs!!

  22. I literally have lost and gained the same 3lbs for 6+ weeks. Why? Bc I have a bite of this. A bite of that. I don’t drink my water bc I’m not losing and I just don’t want to drink it. Etc. Thank you sooo much. It’s not that all of us don’t know but sometimes we just need to hear it again from someone else. I also have been splitting my lean and green. Eating green in am and lean in afternoon. 🙄😩. You’re right We paid for it. Use it.

  23. I lost 101 lbs on the program from June 5th to Oct 5th, I followed the plan strictly.. I've tried to transition but I find myself going back to the 5&1 regularly because I've gained 20 lbs back, lose 5,gain 6 etc…The plan works, transition and finding how to do it properly has been difficult for me.. I feel like I'm stuck spending the money each month or I'm scared I'm gonna keep gaining weight back!
    Appreciate your videos, one on transition ideas sure would be great ..

  24. Thank you. I am in your FB group and as I am reading the post I wondered why are they discussing other WL products, now I know. Congrats on staying true to plan.

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