Ontario lifts lockdown restrictions in large parts of the province, but 'stay at home' says Ford

Ont. Premier Doug Ford says ‘it is completely crucial’ that residents within the province proceed to remain at dwelling, regardless of restrictions being lifted. Subscribe to CTV …

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35 thoughts on “Ontario lifts lockdown restrictions in large parts of the province, but 'stay at home' says Ford

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  2. How does this guy even sleep at night? Another failed politician. If anybody remembers you when this is over it'll because of that.

  3. When did I sign my freedoms over to the governments of this country? I don't remember signing anything in my life that said I was going to die at 95 years old asleep in a comfortable bed.

  4. who does he think he's kidding? Politicians of all stripes are travelling and visiting. Forget about it Doug; Oh and by the way, no way do you ever have my vote again.

  5. you guys aint any better than mr photo op here, lmaoo, y'all line up inside small ass fast food restaurants for burgers you could "make at home" jk you guys phat

  6. Fords obesity is a concern. Lockdown everything so the hospitals aren't overworked. Just getting him on a gurney could cripple our healthcare. Michael Warner and Isaac Bogoch are concerned so we should listen

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  9. I really hope the hardware stores are no longer cerb side pick up f its annoying when your home needs repair n have to order online I tell ya the trouble I went through to get a furnace filter ugh

  10. Yeah OK sure he "follows all instructions given by the doctors" 😂😂 how many stories we seen of him doing weddings and gatherings of more than 10 😂😂 Come on Dougie what'r you doin' mate 🙈

  11. All the Asian countries have a lot of higher density population such as Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong…. and they never need to lockdown the whole city! All restaurants, shops, supermarket are opened… We have such a low density population here! Why we need to lockdown the whole province!!??? I really don't get it! Some provinces may have less than 50,000 peoples!

  12. We should not depend on vaccines from other countries. Get some of the provincial governments work together to create a task force to deal with the domestic supply problems.

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