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24 thoughts on “Onision SUING Discovery Plus Over "Onision In Real Life" Documentary!

  1. It’s absurd they would rather make money putting the doc on the streaming service over truly exposing him to million of people by just releasing it on YouTube. 😑

  2. Eh he's just fishing for attention since no one's been talking about him for awhile. But, Shiloh did lie about not signing because I did see a preview of the streaming service, and saw Shiloh front and center in one of the clips from Onision's docuseries.

  3. Yeah Greg. Go and sue a TV channel that has a funding of millions of dollars, with the little amount of cash you have now with the money you are making on onlyfans and YouTube. Him saying he is going to sue multiple people is just a obvious empty threat, even if he tired to sue somebody, something tells me its going to be like Chris Hansen court case all over again. You know, the one where he got the completely different Chris Hansen who didn't even show up because of course he didn't show because he had no idea their was a court case going on about him.
    You know what guys, lets support Greg at trying to sue a TV channel. This totally won't backfire on him, and fail miserably with him losing large amount of money than gaining money. Nope. No way.

  4. Girl not only does he not have Disney money (Discovery + is owned/ran by Disney) he’d represent himself which he’s horrible at. Can’t wait to see him fail if he tries 👏🏻

  5. Oh yeah, waterbrain gurg with his GENIUS ideas again. Let's sue a bunch of compagnies with infinitely deep pockets while the IRS is after his ass just to defend his ego. Just like last time he went after Chris Hansen.

    That will go well…

  6. Like we didn't see this coming 😂😂 Greg, or whatever his name is this week, is desperate. He needs to just suck it up and get a job and go on with his happy little life

  7. I love that he thinks he can find a lawyer to take this case with his track record in court. I wonder if he realizes that if he files a lawsuit he isn't allowed to delete his old videos as they would be considered evidence in whether or not this is a real slander case. Don't get me wrong, Discovery is dirty for what they did, but Onision isn't going to get anything but more legal fees out of this.

  8. Can we please address the fact that EdwinsGeneration was quick to shit all over Regina with the other girls for Regina taking part in this documentary. But he's also in this documentary the damn HYPOCRITE.

  9. UH-OH Discovery better watch out! Greg's 50 dollar an hour lawyer will make mincemeat of their team of 2349 Johnny Cochran's!!

  10. You have a wonderful voice, and I appreciate this run down. I watched it. I've had a couple of disappointing issues and personal run-ins with Edwin and Repzilla. So I wasn't surprised to see one of the professional, "I'm not the clout chaser, YOU are the clout chaser" twins on and the other half of the duo claiming he did NOT do the series because his audience asked him not to.

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