Onision: In Real Life (Discovery Plus Documentary) REACTION/REVIEW.. What even is this?

The day has lastly come. Onision has gotten his very personal documentary on on Discovery+. Is it price watching? Let’s discover out! Patreon: …

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26 thoughts on “Onision: In Real Life (Discovery Plus Documentary) REACTION/REVIEW.. What even is this?

  1. You guys see that he's laughing at the victims right? From what we know this documentary was shit, but he's straight up just laughing at the victims expense around eight minutes in. What the fuck? Hello?

  2. Omg I’ve actually watch him for 4 years now one of the first you tubers I binge watched 😂 I wanna start my own channel but idk how could use some advice ✌🏽

  3. @5:55 With that gargantuan smile on your face, you are obviously driving pleasure from other peoples pain and suffering.
    That is truly the definition of evil! 👿

  4. I really wanted to not like you….but….you have won me over with your lack of ….you have a refreshing way of putting things. Well done, sir.

  5. I dunnu, I think there's value in talking about upbringings but sometimes people are also just kinda…. sick….

    And also like. If you start thinking "It's always the parents fault" then, who parented the parents, and their parents, and their parents XD so while it's a good think to keep in mind, it's very much not the only thing. Or even the most important thing, in some cases.

  6. I think youtube friend zoned him now trump is a more worthy villian to read about. I did not read his book. The man with no name would be a good screen name for him if he feels like hiding out.

    I am shocked he is still allowed on YouTube with all the cops roaming around. 😒 maybe greg set this shit up.

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  8. The guy filmed his wifes medical issues and put it on the the internet to gain views and went against his wife's wishes for that to be put out there. Leafy touched on that 4 years ago and y didnt they go into that on the doc thats where that craziness started

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