One World – Destiny Islands & The Realm of Darkness | Kingdom Hearts 3

Because of all of the NEW data from TGS 2018 on Kingdom Hearts 3, I imagine {that a} new world within the sport might be 1 BIG WORLD made of two acquainted areas!

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30 thoughts on “One World – Destiny Islands & The Realm of Darkness | Kingdom Hearts 3

  1. Okay I know I'm late lol but that makes sense. Ive been thinking that in Kingdom Hearts 1 if Sora, Riku, and Kairi did leave the islands on the raft they build that time would that mean they would of landed in the realm of darkness too?? That would be a completely different story for them.

  2. Personally man. I’m not happy it’s Sora vs aqua. We’ve gotten no signs of another playable character besides Sora. It’ll disappoint me if we don’t play as anyone else for any segment. I hope that in the final battle we get to play as the others but that’d be too good to be true. So probably not gonna happen.

  3. The door, huh? I was thinking more of the ocean. Kairi sent her bottle out to sea on the shore, and it ended up in the Dark Margin's shore. At the end of KH1, when Kairi was at the End of the World and Destiny Islands was reforming, for a momentary second it looked like she was standing on the shores of the Dark Margin and then palm trees sprouted and sand appeared and she was on the shore of the Islands.

    You know how in BbS Ven opened a … Corridor of Light(?) out of Destiny Islands? Or how Sora used the Kingdom Key (may his heart be his guiding key) to open a gate to Olympus Coliseum? I figure he'd point the Master Defender towards the shore of Destiny Island and it'd open a pathway straight to the Dark Margin.

  4. Wouldn't opening the door just plunge the islands into darkness again? Maybe it has something to do with the Master Keeper blade as to why Sora's able to get to the Realm of Darkness.

  5. It was Ansem "X heartless" who got aqua. I kept pausing and unpausing from the latest trailer and found a a piece of his head. I would say terra since ge has a guardian too but its not his hairstyle even after norted.

  6. That door is the world's Keyhole man. The only reason it was just an empty room in 0.2 is because that world had been engulfed by darkness and had no heart anymore. That is why a version of Destiny Islands also exist in The End of the World, witch is one big heartless world

  7. Makes since throw bottle into ocean on Destiny Island bottle ends up on dark realm Shores Aqua loses Keyblade on the dark Realms Shores keyblade shows up on Destiny Island Shores

  8. Dude! I think you're right! Remember in KH at Destiny island when Sora was in the cave and has his first encounter with Ansem (Xehanort heartless) and he started saying: "This world has been connected, tied to the darkness". It matches your theory.

  9. Plausible theory. Might as well take the final battle into the Realm of Darkness. I mean one could say it ended where it all started. Just speculating but maybe Xehanort will follow Sora there watching the battle and taking on both of them if Aqua is saved. Or she could possibly come to aid Sora if he's fighting Xehanort on his own. It would be even better if – in that case – you could choose to play this battle as Aqua if she has been saved before.
    Nevertheless I still hate the thought of the battle Sora vs Aqua when I'm not playing our beloved master.

  10. My one problem is seeing Aqua try to kung fu the guardian. If she doesnt at least use magic before hand or run out of it in the actual game im going to question it forever. Like, we know they can use spells without a keyblade so why isnt she?

  11. I know this is off context but i've been play replaying the KH games and stuff really how many times has Sora said riku in KH1 and KH 2

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