On Reviewing Ninjago: "The Island"… 🏝️

THIS VIDEO IS NOT MEANT FOR CHILDREN!!! Hey guys! Tanner right here, and I make Ninjago movies for folks on the Web! You’ll want to LIKE, COMMENT, and …

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27 thoughts on “On Reviewing Ninjago: "The Island"… 🏝️

  1. I got this kinda crazy/weird theory for season 15. What if wohira thing is a boat and jay get dragged aboard. Jay wakes up to find ndkahn staring down. He tells jay how he got free and that he’s looking for an artifact that is a trident that is lost to the seas (think pirates of Caribbean 5 but it grants wishes not destroys curses) It grants your true desires and ndkahn wants to use it to get infinite wishes and take revenge on jay, Nya, and the others. Jay obviously refuses but he is swayed a bit when ndkahn tells him he could learn about his real parents. Jay doesn’t have a choice but pretends to be on board. His friends think he’s dead and escape the island. They get back to the monestary and Nya blames Wu. She goes crazy looking for a way to get jay back and then stumbles on a scroll about the trident. She sets off to find it. I have way too much time on my hands

  2. I think the ninja lose jay to the sea god and the season ends with the ninja knock out on the shore and nya passed out at the bottom of the sea bed

  3. I'm really happy that the island thingy is a season and also a lloyd season too! I'm just happy that lloyd will get a season for himself with something new , when it comes to a lloyd focus, it's always around the daddy issues ,I actually enjoy watching them but it's getting boring , I hope we can know more about his powers and get to know new abilities but without making him op

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