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  1. SCAMMERS ARE RUNNING ADS ON CRYPTO YOUTUBE VIDEOS ……. If you see an advertisement for "free crypto" or "giveaways" DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO THEM. THEY WILL TAKE ALL OF YOUR MONEY …. ALSO, there are impersonators in the comment section!!! I will never give you a telegram/whatsapp # … I WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR CRYPTO

  2. I guess chainlink will dip down to $ 7,50 – 10 first to trigger some sell orders like the last time it reached a new all time high. Sentiment is still too bullish for crypto even for XRP. A little shake out and then $ 40 👍

  3. I love your updates Kev. Thanks heaps!!! Keep up the awesome work you do. 100k subs will achieve faster than you can possibly imagine. You've got the best Macro content on YouTube

  4. Hi Kevin what you think when BTC will pullback and on what price? I know second month is Chinese New Year then price will go down!

  5. Why is nobody talking about Cruptocurrency at this moment? It's on a bull run and a lot of people are defintely gonna miss out on that just like the last time

  6. i’m only 17 and i don’t understand it all that much yet but i bought $200 in btc and 100 in eth. what should i do with it i’ve been thinking of just holding on to it for multiple years but I want to l ow my options and if me buying into those right now is a good idea. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

  7. So as of right now Link is on the way up. I have 200 USD I have small amounts of XRP. About 70 USD. Or should I try to go into small portions of ETH?

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