Officials give update on shooting at Minnesota health clinic

A taking pictures at a well being clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota, left 5 individuals injured. Wright County Sheriff Sean Deringer recognized the suspect as 67-year-old Gregory …

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20 thoughts on “Officials give update on shooting at Minnesota health clinic

  1. 911: a social worker will respond within 48 hour unless its a Monday or Friday. Wednesdays they take a long lunch and Golf Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. At the tone leave your message. BEEEEEP the person you are trying to reach mailbox is full.

  2. Maybe the police should’ve have gave him a permit to buy a firearm, anybody with history of mental illness is Not allowed to have a firearm

  3. How much was his family paid for this, the government needs to stop hiring theses shooters. You want my ar15 . Come see if you can take it from me then

  4. Police are not the courts you have to change the laws in the court system. Laws need to be changed, rewritten for the better, for we the people. It's time to put pen to paper and revise the laws. Law school's should work on these laws before they graduate school.

  5. You can’t come in here and file a complaint!! Get out of here! Minnesota Police State. Newspapers? We don’t print those story’s. Minnesota Police State. State ?Troopers? Seen them repeatedly taze a guy in handcuffs….dozen times and more. Minnesota Police State.

  6. What’s dispatch? Some rude women. Clueless and no good in the field…they put them in dispatch or make them jailers. Turn keys!

  7. Kanabec County. New court house…New jail…lots of bullet proof glass…and more squad cars….then deputies. Tact vests..m-16’s. Very small town…but a huge budget for there corruption.

  8. My VA? I have cancer. My VA? Stay away…if you have symptoms of Covid. Just a tomb of inactivity the VA now. They knowingly turn away veterans in need of medical help. State sponsored Biden and Democrat approved. Up yours! Bravest Cowards you ever saw! Minnesota Province of China. Hope you all die in confusion….your clueless and criminals. Morons!

  9. Damn America you scary churches, schools, healthcare places you can catch a bullet pretty much anywhere these days best to invest on bullet proof vest and a gun

  10. They shouldn't be getting pictures in a pandemic, unless he has a mask on. He's obviously not well and it is everyone's job to take care of the health of everyone else.

  11. With the prices of health care, and simple medical assistance I would be angry as well.

    Then of course you have the police already knowing that he's dangerous, and yet he was allowed to carry a gun?

    Don't get me wrong I support gun rights, and gun right activists, but if you committed several crimes? Then you shouldn't have a gun, but yet… What crimes did he commit? I don't know, they won't say, and knowing the police it was probably over something simple, and unwarranted for jail time.

    I don't know if I shouldn't like him, or the police in this one…. Given that the police didn't do their job, which is to in forced the laws correctly so people won't get hurt.

    Ether way doesn't change the fact that the red coats failed to do their jobs.

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