Observer Ranch, Big Solar-Field Discovery, C(lie)mate Fail | S0 News Jan.24.2021

Every day Solar, Earth and Science Information Observer Ranch: Observer Ranch, Make it Occur: …

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47 thoughts on “Observer Ranch, Big Solar-Field Discovery, C(lie)mate Fail | S0 News Jan.24.2021

  1. This exploit by exploit master The Spiffing Brit might help you grow your channel watch?v=Ej0Kijd4_4Q until YT fixes it. Hope it helps you.

  2. 501K good way to start the day. They just scrubbed the 501K I just saw back to 500K.

  3. Only a ranch in the US? 100% great idea, love it… Then again, not many of us will probably survive here in Oz. 90%+ pop at sea level 😔 maybe we have a chance here at 600-700 mtrs up. Maybe.

  4. My God I want to move there… but in stuck in another country and broke, if I ever get enough to come to your country I would, my dream has always been to live in a community just like this. If I had enough I'd donate all that I could just to see it work because I believe in the principles that you both are working towards. But I barely have enough to feed myself and my kids. Bless you both I hope ot takes off for you!

  5. Thank you so much , i wish the Govs could at least be honest about how our Sun contributes to pretty well everything earth !

  6. I am 50 + , and when I started to watch your channel I had no idea of our universe beside maybe a little in school in grade school. I love this channel and have learned so much, and I must admit a lot goes over my head. But that makes me want to watch more because I learn as I go on. There are many times I watch the videos 2 or three times just so I can understand.. I never thought I would love learning these interesting events and facts so much. Thanks so much for all you do to present this information and shed light on things. galileo.

  7. Humans are to blame👍 it started with eve being a ho and listening to a snake and Adam being pussy whipped 😂 can't blame god for giving us this amazing place he only gave us a few basic rules and we can't even abide by them even to this day! Armageddon is near and good luck🖕 to all the governments of this wicked world

  8. Ah yes, the infamous Ben, the one who everyone knows pilots dozens of throwaway sock accounts to slander, in order to protect your fragile ego.

    Slander and cold threats aren't a good way to dismiss debunking. You as a Electric Universe pusher spew lies, that you know are lies.

    Your 'Observer Ranch' scam isn't fooling anyone but your diehard cultists. It's an apocalypse camp.

    Give it up, Ben.

  9. Global Cooling? NOAA Confirms ‘Full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum


    The signs are clearer than ever. The Sun is heading into a new “solar minimum” cycle now.

    Despite loud claims in recent decades that man-made CO2 is somehow driving the Earth’s climate,

  10. If this WAS serious why wouldn’t this be on the news why have I never heard about it at a real observatory?????? Humans can’t always be right we have flaws and this is a big reason why I don’t believe in Science it’s all theories

  11. Ben, when we get the 'magnetic reversal' , it seems that it will reverse back. What is your best guess for the time before the flip back.

  12. BUSH and Trump Inauguration speech in slow motion.
    "BACKWARDS talk" they say what they have done to us and what they Will do to us. Listen to the real words.

  13. I might have missed the explanation, but what is the reason for the US flag in the corner? Were people questioning something?

  14. 500k !

    Btw, BrodyLuv2 gets free ground at the ranch due to his solid research and promotion of the Suspicious 0bservers channel… 😉

    Most of you don't know who I am..
    But I know why you are here 😁

    Much Luv2 all the S0 ol'boys and 0bviously to Benjam !

  15. Why do scientific evaluators (along with all the other sciences) seem stuck in the mud? It was a plan, unveiled as a 'conspiracy' back in the early 40's. Where did we go wrong and who steerheaded that? Why are we 100 years in the past? Norman Dodd interview reveals who is in charge…

  16. I mean even without science: Sun is shining : heat! Sun is covered by clouds: cold!
    All mainstream scientists on earth: yeah I told you so its humans!

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