NY GOP want Gov. Cuomo impeached over alleged Covid-19 cover-up

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is going through requires an investigation and even impeachment after a high aide mentioned the administration delayed the discharge of …

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41 thoughts on “NY GOP want Gov. Cuomo impeached over alleged Covid-19 cover-up

  1. Wow finally covering it now, let’s bring his brother on the air next seeing all the jokes they made while he murdered the elderly

  2. Ppl not from NYC, and not in INNER CITY health care facilities at the time of this fckn nightmare seriously should not comment. All of a sudden everyone is an expert on covid protocol. By the time the Comfort reached our shores and the Javits center opened for operation in April, we were close to 10k deaths averaging 700 PER DAY in our inner city alone. Once we were placed on lock down in March that very first week of April the numbers started to come down. By the time all of these additional resources were made available (as far as housing "stable" but contagious patients, and PPE) it was unfortunately way too late. It was a fckn avalanche already. Stable'ish paints were all sent home. My own family in serious distress were sent home with neutralizers and inhalers left to fend for themselves. I lost colleagues and my very young grandparents purely out of neglect from our healthcare system. Ambulances were called and did not show up. The science is there, the spread in the nursing homes were not just by the stable patients left to wander the halls, it was the healthcare providers and the facilities themselves that were not adequately supplied. I work out of 2 nyc hospitals with big money behind it and we had severe shortages on cleaning supplies and anything disposable for weeks- so i cant imagine what some of these long term care facilities looked like, considering most of them in our boroughs are already disgusting. It hit us HARD and VERY FAST. Our country (not state) COUNTRY needed federal guidance needed a FUCKING LEADER. Something of this magnitude should not have been left for state officials to figure it out for themselves. Cuomo did awful by failing to report this news- but the bigger picture is the bigger picture. The stupidity speaking about impeachment. Everyone loves this word now. Impeachment for what? At least he took action. Doing nothing, ignoring the issues, fueling issues, intent, all of that is impeachable. Being in charge means you have to chose between fucked up and really fucked up choices. Those are your only options. In March 2020 I dont believe there was any perfect way to handle any of this. Our entire system is BROKEN. Cuomo needs to address the reasons for the coverup immediately and it needs to be investigated IMMEDIATELY, but Florida officials also withheld some information and I felt the same way, diddnt feel like impeachment would solve anything for Floridians. Investigate, find out the real numbers and the reasons for cover ups. It is what it is . But other then that guys idk what to tell you.. If you were not here, I cant even take you seriously.

  3. CNN helped to cover up Governor Cuomo’s nursing home and Covid-19 malfeasance. He should face impeachment and criminal charges.

  4. Everytime I hear Andrew Cuomo and his brother Chris Cuomo speak, it is immediately apparent that they had their college degrees bought and paid for by daddy!! Both of them are sadly simple and useless 🤣🤣 Say goodbye to your career Andrew! Hopefully Chris gets canned as well!!! 🥳🥳

  5. If someone went to impeach Trump because he purposely tried to slow the testing down to fix the numbers every republican would whine but this is ok?

  6. Everybody is blaming this leaders about their wrong doing but the real truth is that this covid was too strong for them to manage and they are under pressure

  7. “I wish CoVID never happened” Yeah don’t we all you idiot!? I bet there are a lot of NY residents who wish they still had their parents/grandparents, but thanks to your incompetence NY was overrun with COVID, a lot of people died and the worst part is it could have been prevented!

  8. So basically this equates to like one of Donald Trump‘s Tuesday morning farts? 🤷🏽‍♂️
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly impeachable, but that’s besides the point

  9. Cnn shame on you! you are all out, everyone of your reporters on television news cover impeachment trials of trump and was all for it because you all hated his tweets? But Cuomo, one of your own killed people, your network sounds like your ok with it!

  10. Governor Cuomo was the 1st governor to face a massive pandemic that infected thousands and killed hundreds of people. There was no help from the republican federal government, the trump owned CDC and trump. There was NO data, NO PPE, NO Respirators, NO statistics NO nationwide or worldwide protocol for a pandemic. All the states learned information about the pandemic from NY. Cuomo handled the pandemic alone and he learned. On one would have done anything differently. Cuomo is a hero and the republicans are trying a tactic to steal NY. The democrats must defend Cuomo or we will lose democracy to republican dictatorship. The republicans, fox news and trump supporters are still spreading false propaganda, now the fake news is about democratic states and honest new. The trump supporters want to sue CNN, MSNBC for telling truth. All democrats must support Governor Cuomo and not let the republicans takeover NY.

  11. CNN the criminal news network coveting up for this criminal Andrew Cuomo is a disgrace. Over 15000 deaths. Trump gave him the hospital ship, instead he played politics with lives the MS media are complicitein these crimes against humanity.

  12. THINK about it. People are executed or imprisoned for life for killing one person.
    CUOMO killed THOUSANDS and gets an EMMY and the love of the Democrat party. WTF?

  13. The truth hurts…if only proper investigative reporting had been done by u guys, when this issue was raised last year, probably, only probably, fewer elderlies wouldn't have died.

  14. He put himself on a pedestal. Use his brother as a personal press. I hate the at they “entertained” everyone back then with their charm instead of just to roll out and work with the government. He wanted to take all the spot light and proof to the whole world how well he did compare to the government of USA. Now that trump is gone as he wished. It is time for him to show the whole world who he really is.

  15. The Variant is here Govonor Cuomo we need you again to get NY out of this mess NOW immediately what do we need to do Deblasio Shut Up

  16. If he was a Republican they would have set fire to his house. This guy killed people with that awedlful decision and the media covered for him!

  17. Just a reminder that evidence of this was showing up more than six months ago and CNN and others refused to give it any traction until now. Convenient timing.

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